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10 big cold popular professions of Shanghai give heat
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Branch of safeguard of labor of Shanghai of report of our newspaper Shanghai is announced 8 days " pop chart of 10 large popular position " and " pop chart of position of 10 big an unexpected winner " , the person that it is to apply for a job is answered coming new height of round of to apply for a job, " avoid heat is cold " provide reference.

This " on a list of names posted up famous " 10 large popular position of Shanghai, it is administrative article respectively, salesperson of meeting personnel, market, safety guards money personnel of operation of current operation personnel, facility for transporting, news gives personnel, computer personnel of technology of project of personnel of service of edition and culture staff member, business affairs, administration and general and mechanical equipment.

In addition, "A list of names posted up is odd " still show: 35 years old of the following to apply for a job person the most popular post is the member that the market is sold, most post of an unexpected winner is foreign trade clerk; 36 years old of the most popular post to 45 years old of personnel are administrative article member, most post of an unexpected winner is meal clerk; And the most popular post of personnel of 45 years old of above is the member that ensure public security, most post of an unexpected winner is homemaking clerk.

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