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Professional qualification certificate is put on prevent bogus new clothes
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Henceforth, the letter of national profession qualification that this city nucleus sends will undertake unity making, the unity that realizes the unity that examinee information collects, certificate to print a form and certificate extend the unity of time. Yesterday, the reporter ensures bureau know from town work, unified after making card, used 6 technologies that prevent bogus, from the check on fountainhead the occurrence of false testimony.

According to introducing, in last few years the year after year of amount handling card of certificate of qualification of this city profession rises, since 2004, annual the qualificatory letter that the nucleus sends is in 300 thousand above, obtain evidence the unit involves 81 appraisal place, 132 labour are taken an examination of appoint take an examination of a commissioner with 36 industries technician. Unite this make card and before certificate is dealt with having very big distinction, not only the working flow that simplified to handle card, efficiency that improved to handle card, also can rise to defend the action of bogus at the same time.

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