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IT grooms the market is hot
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A few days ago, the reporter grooms in a few big IT inside city the orgnaization understands, experienced " 11 " after long holiday, its autumn recruit students already achieved new rapid growth.

According to introducing, in recent years IT grooms expand of dimensions of orgnaization recruit students ceaselessly, go up with the market groom the grow in quantity of demand is closely related. On one hand the skill related need of new personality of spacious office field grooms; On the other hand, the IT person in be in duty field personally also needs what otherwise breaks to groom charge. And the student of Beijing University Qing Diao is formed, also confirm of as it happens groom currently this kind of demand of the market develops. The statistic of the student origin that comes to these a few years according to them shows, the undergraduate that applying for a job or is about to face the job and preparation find new job or turn the person of travel, want to occupy the 80% above of all student amount.

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