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The country is common after taking an examination of interview 7 years to began
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Yesterday (27 days) began at 12 o'clock, national official exam is communal this year achievement of course written examination can log onto inquiry of website of human affairs ministry, but the discovery when the reporter logs onto this website cannot login. Till last night at 7 o'clock half, when the reporter logins again, it is normal that the network just shows.

It is reported, cause a network to jam the main reason that break down was yesterday (27 days) it is to check branch the first day, examinee hopes agog to know a mark, entry personnel is accordingly too much, information content is very big, the system needs to undertake maintenance, bring about cannot login.

Central mechanism and orgnaization of its directly under enrolled achievement of collection officeholder written examination to had enlightened inquiry system at 12 o'clock last noon 2007, as a result of the person that inquire numerous, hour of number of website of human affairs ministry is immersed in embrace. Jiangsu saves human affairs hall to remind about chief, the examinee that already checked a score wants pair of this marks whether enter interview to undertake judging, after new year's day but advocate tendercy admits by examination the unit seeks advice from him whether enter interview.

The Xiaoxu of Nanjing aerospace university tells a reporter, be informed can inquire officeholder exam mark midday, arrive he established engrave net to inquire at 12 o'clock, but cannot think of,cannot open even the website. Till much at 5 o'clock afternoon bell, sweating small Xu Cai checked his exam score. To a lot of examinee report cannot log onto a website to check the phenomenon of cent, jiangsu saves center of human affairs exam to say about personage explanation, because visit amount is too large, the likelihood appears certain zone does not login to succeed temporarily or " desired result code is wrong " circumstance, examinee of this kind of circumstance should relapse refresh or log onto relevant website to appeal, if " appear without this examinee information " phenomenon, examinee can dial technology of human affairs ministry to refer a telephone call.

As we have learned, according to the convention of in former years, general from receive admit by examination the interview of the unit informs undertake interview has 1-2 only the time of the week, because this hopeful examinee should plan interview actively. The expert reminds examinee, generally speaking, had wanted eligible line to have the possibility of interview only, but enter oneself for an examination the cold heat of the unit has very big effect to entering the grade of interview. Ministry of the group in this year, human affairs ministry was increased right western of position of outlying area, basic level, difficult industry and professional and special position tilt strength, enter oneself for an examination the fractional line of these position can drift downward appropriately. And if enter oneself for an examination, is central mechanism popular post, for example hair changes appoint, ministry of Ministry of Education, human affairs, cross a line to think the hope that enters interview is not big merely. To crossing a line the 20 examinee of cent come say, the assurance that enters interview is very big. To going up additionally proportional post still can undertake interview of line number short of adjust. Stipulate interview begins from Feburary 1, 2007 this year, concentration undertakes within 15 days. Jiangsu saves human affairs hall to remind examinee about the personage, want after new year's day passes advocate tendercy enters oneself for an examination the possibility that the unit seeks advice from him to enter interview, prepare as early as possible thereby.
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