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River door is born division of first nutrition of communal nutrition division is
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The reporter learned from labor of river retail sales and social security bureau a few days ago, the Guangdong by November saves result of exam of qualification of profession of communal nutrition division Ben Zhougang just was announced, the our city has 14 student to pass assistant assessment of case of communal nutrition persons qualified to teach, exam percent of pass is 70 % , become an our city first communal nutrition division that has attestation of qualification of 3 class profession. River door makes assessment pilot city   is in on October 25, 2005, the country works and social security ministry was released formally to the society include communal nutrition division inside announcement of the 4th batch of 11 new occupational, undertake in countrywide part city pilot. This year in May, guangdong province rolls out exam of qualification of profession of communal nutrition division formally, the our city makes assessment pilot city, organized first time formally on November 25 assessment of qualification of profession of communal nutrition division. Student saves the professional qualification letter that labor and social security hall issue through can be being obtained after assessment, the whole nation is current, can inquire on the net. Communal nutrition division or bestow favor on   data newly to show into the profession, be in the United States, always the participation that the cure of inpatient must have nutrient division. Be in Japan, every 300 person has division of a nutrition, 2 what the amount of nutrient division is equivalent to clinical doctor. 4 times. If hold the proportion of countrywide population according to Japanese nutrition division, namely every 300 person deploys division of 1 renown nutrition to come computative, our country lacks division of 4 million nutrition. At present division of our country nutrition is not worth 4000 person, school of old technical secondary school did not establish special nutrition major, the professional education related to this profession can satisfy social requirement far from. Compare at the developed country, our country comparatives in the professional of nutrient respect deficient. The person that groom exceeds 100 people   to the personage inside course of study expresses, although foreground is valued, obtain employment of communal nutrition division from " applaud " to " draw a large audience " still need period of time. This new occupation had attracted a batch of people to attend at one's own expenses in the our city groom, the reporter grooms in river door last week the orgnaization understands, at present student is centered in the group such as doctor, housewife, old people for the most part, person of the one part in them regards it as the profession to charge, the hope increases his duty field competition ability with this; Another part is " be interested " , the thing that the hope can acquire him is used in the life. "After I learned, use it to him body above all, reoccupy arrives on family and friend body, arrive even community obligation lecture. " the ground says the student Xian fair buoyant that is 68 years old. According to reporter investigation, be in at present river door already or the number that accepting communal nutrition division to groom exceeds 100 person. Stimulative center of productivity of bureau of city science and technology and school of city cooking vocational training are an our city labor safeguard branch grooms twice when approval puts on record dot, school of duty of Fosan easy rainbow also is set in the our city groom dot. Additional, in the exam of not long ago, the our city still has a batch of student to attend assessment in different ground, the our city obtains assistant total number of attestation of case of communal nutrition persons qualified to teach already exceeded 20.
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