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Guangzhou officeholder ability builds forum of a person of academic or artistic
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Bureau of occurrences in human life of town of class of each area, county, city is straight branch of each body occurrences in human life:

Be in surely formerly on July 10 (on Thursday) the forum of a person of academic or artistic distinction of construction of Guangzhou officeholder ability that holds afternoon " financial knowledge " lecture of special subject series the 4th tell " problem of current economy heat " , because Fan Gang teachs person of give a lecture to must attend ranking and important meeting temporarily, lecture time adjusts accordingly on July 11 (on Friday) in the morning 9: 00 ─ 11: 30 when (8: 50 when before enter end) , the place is changeless.

The unit that asks branch of each unit human affairs to inform original plan attends a lecture in time is led and officeholder heads for attend a lecture by new time (to because time varies,cannot coming round the comrade of attend a lecture is in please " groom information management system " in undertake cancel signing up) .

Discomfort, forgive please.

Two years on July 9

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