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Labor ensures a branch to think
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The reporter complained in what a few proprietor of an enterprises heard in interviewing recently, say those who protect laborer interest to labor contract law is pure, raised the cost using worker worker of the enterprise, foreign trade order should be received harder than in the past. To this, labor ensures a branch to think, many people read labor contract law by accident. Labor contract law is versed in to those using for non-standard enterprise, may raise the cost that use worker worker; And to abide by the law enterprise, just is a kind of protection.

New law give attention to two or morethings profit of unit of choose and employ persons

Thought of city federation of trade unions fors the time being service center controller thinks, labor contract law although aggrandizement the protective strength to laborer, but the protective provision that also increased a business at the same time. If relaxed to sign the time of labor contract, extend a month by 15 original days; The worker that special to be being offerred by unit of choose and employ persons funds has professional technology grooms can agree service period and penalty due to breach of contract, right " two tall " personnel (personnel of senior administrator, advanced technology) can agree with the worker that has confidential obligation limitation of contest course of study and penalty due to breach of contract; Reduce and relaxed the condition that economy of unit of choose and employ persons cuts down the member of persons employed; Reduced unit of choose and employ persons to remove normally the economy of labor contract amends a standard; To the economy of good-paying laborer filling indemnity was made " double seal a top " (economic compensation standard and fixed number of year) the regulation.

This controller thinks, to laborer character, labor contract law can safeguard its rights and interests better; To the enterprise character, for its change economy grew means to offer chance. So, labor contract law should be benefit of personnel company two-phase.

Raised the illegal cost of the enterprise

Town work and social security bureau arbitrate Li Gong of courtyard assistant dean thinks, because labor contract law is to be in greatly " labor law " the complement on frame foundation and refine, so, did not break through " labor law " a lot of regulations, if labor law also asks to servantchoose a person for a job insurance premium of unit pay society, want to sign labor contract with laborer, the regulation should pay economy to compensate gold. Labor contract law basically is the illegal cost that raised an enterprise.

The reporter ensures a branch to understand from labor, labor contract law has at least increased an enterprise to violate cost at 3 o'clock. The first, unit of formulary choose and employ persons exceeds a month to resent one year to did not conclude with laborer written labor contract, perhaps do not conclude according to law and laborer without solid calm deadline works contract, want to pay pair of times salary every months to laborer; The 2nd, do not pay work reward, overwork salary or economic compensation gold by legal provision, should press 50% above 100% add below pay compensation; The 3rd, unit of choose and employ persons breaks the law to remove or terminate labor contract, should amend a standard by economy double pay compensation gold to laborer.
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