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Project of labor law clinic is started
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Suffer foundation of international labor rights and interests (ILRF) aid financially, "Labor law clinic " start in university of northwest politics and law since item this day, will provide obligation professional law support for all labors henceforth. Go into town Wu work staff encounters labor dispute dispute, if economy is difficult, professional law personage still will appear in court freely help them engage in a lawsuit.
"Labor law clinic " it is by international labor rights and interests foundation is aided financially, the labor law that establishs by courtyard of law of economy of university of northwest politics and law serves an orgnaization. The member shares 40 more than person, by major of labor law expert, law solicitor of authority of teachers and students, dimension is comprised. This day rises, they will popularize knowledge of labor law law to broad labor obligation, undertake with the form such as phone, network, interview law seeks advice. Divide this beyond, still will accept a labor to entrust, hold the position of the agent of arbitration of its labor dispute, contentious case freely. The limits of case of acting labor dispute includes, because acknowledge the dispute that working relationship produces; Because conclude, fulfill, the change, dispute that remove and ends labor contract to happen; Because remove sb's name from the rolls, repulsive, abdication, leave one's post the controversy that happen; Because of working hours, rest off, social security, welfare, groom and the controversy of labor protection happening; Because work,cost of medical treatment of pay, inductrial injury, economy is compensated or the compensation controversy that happen.

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