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Professional qualification exam cannot be held at will
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General office of the State Council is given out " about clearing qualification of normative and of all kinds profession is relevant activity " announcement, will not allow to undertake card of the exam related to professional qualification, tousle, excessive collects fees at will again wait for an activity.

Wait for the confused phenomenon in the activity for card of setting of qualification of profession of keep within limits, exam, hair, general office of the State Council issues an announcement, the requirement undertakes centralized clearing about the activity to qualification of of all kinds profession standard.

The administration that always installs according to concerned law, administrative regulations or decision of the State Council permits kind of profession qualification, give reservation is announced to the society; Except this beyond other all sorts of administration permit kind of profession qualification to give cancel. The announcement asks at the same time, various people government reachs the place to must not set professional qualification about branch and unit in principle. Of all kinds enterprise must not begin a coronal by oneself the relevant activity with professional qualification name. In this second clear activity of the relevant exam of the professional qualification that does not grant to withhold in normative job, appraisal should stop instantly.

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