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IBM China violates stuff of repulsive and depressed disease to compensate for 57
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Because be suspected of discriminating against depressed disease stuff, company of IBM of the well-known company that cross a state is appealed to to come labor is arbitral branch. Appeal person put forward to continue to fulfil the requirement such as salary of labor contract, compensation and mental damages. On June 18, dispute of labor of Shanghai Pudong new developed area arbitrates committee gives a ruling: IBM (China) company and depressed disease stuff continue to fulfil labor contract, compensate for 4 monthly wages and bonus to add up to 57332 yuan.

It is reported, this is the legal action that depressed disease discriminates against instead first of our country happening, concerned expert expresses, the multiform discrimination phenomenon that is based on healthy state should get complete legal keep within limits.

Autograph of school of name of one's previous experience suffers from below IBM enormous pressure about on depressed disease

This case appeal person Yuan Yuan (alias) it is Hubei an outstanding student of university of some famous brand, after graduating 2006, signed a labor contract of 5 years with IBM China company namely, hold the position of DEngineer of & of Shanghai branch R (engineer of research and development) one duty. In a year of many time that just has a job, yuan Yuanxing act vigorously and rich passion ground throws the job, often stay up late continuously work overtime to be without complaint however, in this kind of life he acquired huge achievement move.

However, enormous actuating pressure makes of Yuan Yuan healthy appeared problem. He feels exhaustion, head is frowsty gradually, sleep to also cannot complement it seems that his diurnal physical strength and energy are used up. In June 2007, yuan Yuan is felt for two-way disposition by diagnose obstacle -- the depressed illness that says normally namely. Yuan Yuan told his illness the company.

Dismiss by IBM spirit suffers achieve commit suicide for a time

It is depressed disease in diagnose almost while, because of enormous actuating pressure, on June 19, 2007, yuan Yuan handed over abdication to apply for. Subsequently classics IBM company offers actively, turn into sick leave. Improve somewhat when the illness when, yuan Yuan is being taken twice " the cure side the job side the proposal " appraisal of medical treatment of center of Shanghai spirit sanitation asks to work, all be rejected by the company.

As a result of the long-term discontinuity that normal society interacts, with the company each management layer is communicated ceaselessly and do not have the tremendous psychology pressure of the response, yuan Yuan depressed disease has a relapse and accentuate. On January 11, 2008, yuan Yuan and company high level the spirit after the conference breaks down and took suicidal action, after several hours, classics passerby calls the police ability rescue come back.

However, on Feburary 27, 2008, IBM Shanghai branch is issued suddenly to Yuan Yuan remove labor contract advice note, reason is, yuan Yuan disobeys company discipline for many times, affect order of company regular job badly, and refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition.
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