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Our country releases the 11st batch of new occupations
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On May 28, 2008, manpower resource and social security ministry hold eleventh to approve news briefing of new occupation news in Guangzhou city, released machinist of group of motor-car group driver, motor-car, gas turbine formally to run attendant, hydrogenation to the society extinguish of purificatory labour, dry method is anxious labour, belt temperate zone presses shot-off of loss the member that labour, equipment orders check, light gas to provide installation to maintain project information of 8 new occupations.

Information of 8 when release this new occupations is manpower resource and social security ministry choose from inside suggesting about a large number of new occupations that declare an unit to refer, constituent expert evaluates standard and program according to new occupation, be evaluated strictly and give through the media such as the network fair show, after asking for social all circles and business sentiment extensively, decide. This new occupation of wholesale cloth basically is centered in production to operate kind, have the following characteristics:

It is the development trend that reveals modern carrying trade and manufacturing industry, highlight the new requirement of industry of new and high technology to practitioner technology skill. The motor-car group train of our country, so-called " onshore airliner " , have completely own intellectual property and core technology, it is the crystallization that Chinese railroad innovates independently. The motor-car group driver that releases this and motor-car group machinist two new occupations, be " onshore airliner " escort the Emperor of convoy " driver " with professional maintenance technician. With the tradition inside light, electric power trainman and photograph of mechanical maintenance technician are compared, the high-tech content of motor-car group, machine unifinication design and motivation are configured dispersedly, changed railroad to be applied traditionally, operation mode. And the mode that traditional engine, car overhauls apart is incommensurate already the overhaul requirement of motor-car group. Motor-car group driver and motor-car group machinist assumed the job such as the operation that arranges facility completely, monitoring, maintenance, its drive, maintenance technology and duty range produced very big change.

"915 " during, our country will develop high speed railroad energetically, wide, Beijing breaths out Beijing Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang the passenger transport special railway line such as sea of big, Gansu, peace of Beijing ferry, Shanghai, Shanghai Hangzhou, Ning Hang, wide deep, wide bead wait for big city group system of traffic of city inside track will build in succession and investment is used, the motor-car group that speed per hour reachs 200 kilometers above will leave in great quantities row. Predict 2010, countrywide railroad will open a set of 700 groups of motor-car, of motor-car group driver and motor-car group machinist will reach more than 10000 people from trade number. Establish motor-car group driver and motor-car group machinist these two new occupations, safe to making sure railroad is carried, raise railroad to carry efficiency, augment railroad carries can will have main effect.  
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