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Hefei manpower survey carried out through the open area talent "Favorites" or
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Has the provision of housing, to keep people has become the "killer"; skilled personnel popular, mechanics, 14.54% broad based remuneration. Reporter yesterday from the provincial capital of human resources through the open area will be informed that the 2010 Human Development Zone "White Paper" came out, White said, although most companies can now apply the four basic insurance for their employees, but the fund is a downward trend for the proportion of , Provident Fund is not to force, consider buying hope, our employees frequently leave. By the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Economic Development Zone were introduced in the "White Paper", the survey lasted nearly 2 months, 102 questionnaires were issued, the questionnaire covers the loss of state employees, pay and other relevant aspects of the situation. White revealed that, at present, the area length of service of employees into the enterprises in the three years of age accounted for 63.61 percent, essentially flat with last year, but still there is a big turnover, the average loss rate of 18.66%. Clothing, hotel property management industry turnover rate of the top, points out the first, third. Surprisingly, in the past relative stability of electrical and electronic industry, employee turnover rose sharply this year, up from 19% last year to 24.84%, mainly due to the zone this year, several new electronic business, just started production, working conditions the remuneration system is not perfect led to huge loss of new recruits, the loss rate of individual enterprises and even reached 100%. The survey also revealed that "personal family problems", "career development is limited," and "low salary" ranked in the top three reasons employees leave initiative. Staff turnover rate "high fever", enterprises also have to keep people moves. Survey, 82 enterprises need to provide quarters for employees, including 51 companies of more than 30% of the need for staff accommodation. 54 companies have staff to answer the demand for accommodation. Not provide accommodation for the business, "without their own staff quarters, do not want to rent" as the main reason. More than 55% of businesses in the future intends to provide accommodation to employees; the other 37% of companies have chosen to lease form, to meet the housing needs of employees. This indicates that, at present, to keep people home has become the "killer." Insurance status in the enterprise survey, the results indicate the proportion of family planning, 96.9% for the insurance outside the above-scale enterprises for the other four basic insurance rates have reached 98%. However, the proportion of provident fund for 39.8%, 13.2% lower than last year, this may also be employees for "personal family problems" active termination, which led to the loss of one of the key employees. The White Paper also the area's average monthly pay of different positions to investigate the situation, through the open area types of the positions pay competitive with the industry, compared with the Hefei strong middle-level. Currently, the average monthly wage of the open area operator in 1565 yuan, 2395 yuan monthly salary of senior technicians, professional and technical staff monthly salary at 2000 to 5000 yuan, the highest monthly salary of professional managers, senior managers up to 8829 yuan monthly salary. 98 companies involved in the investigation of the employment needs of a total of 24,234 people in 2011 forecast the demand for labor through the open area of about 3 million people. From the sample survey results, of which 72.96% for the general workers, 15.94% for the skilled workers, 7.21% for the professional and technical categories of persons, 3.89% for management personnel. Overall, labor demand is still expected next year rising trend.