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Shenzhen CPPCC concerned personnel housing project to solve the housing diffic
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Shenzhen CPPCC long been concerned about the introduction of high-end talent to solve difficult problems have made new progress, in order to solve the bottleneck problem of introduction of talents, recycling Motherhood advantage, to create talent "should be together," the city, a few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee meeting discussed and approved in principle the "CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on the implementation of the decisions personnel housing project" for the outstanding figures, leading talents in the junior high talent and talent "tailored" to solve the housing problem. It is reported that from 2008, Shenzhen CPPCC began to pay attention the introduction of the SAR high-end talent issues, and will hold a special government. Shenzhen CPPCC that talent is the most important strategic resource, how to attract, train more high-end talent, continue to maintain personnel, Shenzhen is an important issue solved. Shenzhen CPPCC mechanism for the introduction of talent from the sound system, improve the treatment of high-end human resources and other aspects of a number of proposals for the government as soon as possible start the high-end housing project personnel.