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The third quarter trends in Guangxi to increase the talent market oversupply
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Reporter learned from the job market in Guangxi, the third quarter, Guangxi Talent Network Systems with 8.30% growth in supply of talent from the previous quarter, while the 1.13% decline the previous quarter demand for talent, talent supply and demand ratio is 2.94, the overall trend of increasing oversupply. Talent Network in Guangxi by the third quarter the recruitment of units with associated system of 6821, Job number 89300, registered 26.26 million job talent, talent supply and demand ratio of 2.94. Most types of talent oversupply position, only printing / packaging, insurance, beauty / health classes and department stores / chain / supermarket / retail and other types of four posts with talent shortage, supply and demand of them the biggest talents sales of more balanced supply and demand class talent, talent supply and demand ratio of 1.69. Talent supply and demand than the industry, the computer hardware category 16.87, 11.28 legal categories, import and export trade and the translation of class Class 9.57 8.64, compared with a higher proportion of supply and demand in several areas. Personnel supply side, the number of personnel more than 2 million job positions types of sales categories, administrative / clerical / logistical classes, financial / tax / audit / statistical type and construction / engineering; talent demand and sales had reached class Job 20,247, accounting for up to 22.68%. Talent Network in Guangxi Guangxi Union system is the database management center job website, connecting Guilin, Liuzhou, Beihai, Qinzhou in 12 prefecture-level talent market website and Lipu, Yangshuo, Yongfu, Hepu, Guiping other five county-level talent market site, the formation of shared databases, services, content and service standard uniform, covering the supply and demand in Guangxi area-wide information network service system personnel.