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Before the introduction of talent with more to love it
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What is the most expensive in the 21st century? Personnel.

A regional economic development is inseparable from all kinds of talents, the same high-speed operation of an enterprise can not do without talent. Often in recent years, Guangzhou, Changsha, Ningbo and other places of business recruitment joint delegation to Xi'an, and a few days ago, is composed of a number of enterprises in Xi'an, "Bole horses," recruitment missions to Beijing "horses."

You come to me, the reflection of society needs high-end talent and attention.

In recent years, the demand for talent has become a regional or business "as usual", and so many companies compete for talent but also upsetting. In response, many provinces and cities to develop a policy of bringing in qualified personnel, high-end talent on the green light, which is not only the respect for talent, it is respect for knowledge. Shaanxi Science and Education among the nation's strength, but also universities gathered in Xi'an, comprehensive strength of science behind Beijing and Shanghai. But with the rapid economic development, increasing demand for talents serious, but the number of people in the region is relatively stable, to find "good horse", will need to "prairie" to go. So go out, the need to come in the high-end talent is top priority.

As the saying goes, no matter black or white, it catches mice is a good cat. Let the cat catch mice, you have to create the conditions for. Bringing in talent, and how to use talent, how to retain talent is the relevant departments should seriously consider. The author believes that the introduction of talent, should be settled, spouse employment, health insurance, job classification, their children and so on everything, so heavy before, to love, but also the only way to make good use of talents.