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Gold went to the recruiting season of the year - nine gold silver ten, starting from early September, prices start from each of the industry's high-profile recruit. "This is the second half of the company's rapid development to meet the needs of the eagerness Recruiting contain himself and started working ahead of reserve personnel." A staff said the job market, FMCG, retail, IT and other industry professionals in great demand . It is reported that many young professionals who choose to quit at this time, because more vacancies, higher success rate of job-hopping.

A phenomenon

Fall recruiting war in full swing

Guangzhou site recruitment is heating up in the market. Since early from 9, in addition to the fixed recruitment, the various types of special industrial recruitment, business recruitment special, special recruitment of graduates after another, located in different industries, population, geographical coverage of the recruitment will be a different job groups, providing a wealth of employment opportunities.

Recruitment website, by industry, consisting of another famous enterprises have also been sounded recruitment recruitment camp build number. It is understood that since entering the end of August, the main recruitment site significantly faster refresh recruitment advertising, the numbers are significantly increased. Internet / e-commerce, automotive, IT, finance, FMCG and other industries and many famous enterprises have announced the fall recruitment program, special recruitment will always be routed to the end of September, a large number of famous enterprises have started the 2011 session of the graduate school recruitment program, which there are many new faces. Reporter online in a recruiting a rough statistics, as of Sept. 20, nearly 60 famous enterprises start campus recruitment, compared to last year was explosive growth. At present, several major job sites have been transformed as if the campus recruitment website home page space for 80% of all strokes by the school ad "occupation." It is reported that this year's job fair will be particularly favored, including not only various types of industrial, special recruitment of specific groups, there are a considerable number of companies interested in organizing special recruitment companies. Industry insiders estimate that after the November 11 holiday is expected to occur in mid-special recruitment of a small business summit. Fu-Chan Wei, general manager of the tree of southern Guangdong job market that, over the years, the domestic employers have formed large-scale recruitment in the habit of early autumn, "the recruitment situation is better this year, more vacancies, staff turnover will be more active. September, October market people will be more focused job-hopping. "

Phenomenon II

Demand concentrated in the retail, IT industry

According to Lu Chi Fu, chairman of white-collar world, introduced with the fast moving consumer goods and retail are the livelihood of the people most close to the industry, coupled with this year's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday together, a "longest in the history" of the holiday, on the FMCG industry and retail industry role in promoting particularly evident, therefore these two industries on the "festival of talent" is rather strong.

It is understood that, where fast moving consumer goods industry marketing, channel personnel, marketing personnel focused on the needs of marketing professionals; retail shopping guide due to the cashier, tally clerks and other low-end service reserve deficiency is serious shortage of staff, and procurement, warehousing and other professionals are looking for in an emergency, manager, category manager, in the long counter top management talent is more scarce. In addition, supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores such as the recent recruitment of staff is also more intensive. In the automotive industry, professional engineers in short supply. Including Shanghai General Motors, BMW, etc. have announced the latest fall recruitment program, hot concentrated in automotive manufacturing, R & D, design, supply chain areas such as professional engineers.

In addition, IT enterprises in the name of the Internet industry Alibaba [15.20 -1.04%], Shanda, Kingdee Software, HP, Baidu, also have announced a fall recruitment program, demand for hot concentrated in 2 years to 5 years of experience in software engineers , system engineers, game designers and other professional and technical positions. Among the many positions in technical categories, mobile phone software development / testing, mobile Internet, emerging technologies such as new energy R & D personnel hot. Such as the OPPO phone Sept. 24 special recruitment will be held in Guangzhou, a large scale recruitment of mobile Internet talent.