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"Grab" Talent is not easy, "poly" people even more difficult
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Guangdong "transformation" by professionals, especially in key areas, and strategic emerging industries, "leading people", it has become the consensus of the whole province.

Guangdong, compete throughout the recent introduction of a series of "grab talent" program. Shenzhen push "Peacock Plan" drawing thousands of returnees, 153 annual salary of more than a million jobs; to attract top talent, Zhongshan City, the highest available 100 million housing subsidies, research teams can even get 1000 million in funding; allocated 200 million a year in Guangzhou element Jobs on into the "Hundred Talents" start leading talent, to give one million to five million yuan in the start-up capital, up to 500 million equity investment, interest payments on loans up to 100 million, 300 thousand to 1 million yuan of the settling-in allowance , 3 years free of charge 100 to 500 square meters in the workplace, with major support from leading talent project, with technical Guangzhou for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. These initiatives, it is possible for Guangdong's scientific development "blaze a new trail", and make new contributions.

Throughout the world, but laws of talented people, we can find: "grab" Talent is not easy, "poly" talent more difficult.

First of all, talented people with the historical trend of the "strategic heights" relevant. The thirties of last century's "Yan'an" nineties "Shenzhen" in the information technology revolution, "Silicon Valley", whether political talent, talent or talents economy is bound to the historical trend of the "forefront" aggregation, not all the "money" look. Anti-Japanese War of Yan'an, life is extremely difficult, but the "towering Pagoda Hill" has become a national youth yearning hearts of the "Holy Land." Shenzhen Special Economic Zone the initial phase, the city is very simple, but would rather give up the generous living conditions of the mainland and bold, "Chuang SAR" talent is everywhere. Look at America's "Silicon Valley", due to lead the revolution in information technology and reputed the world, many countries in the flood of talent, from 1990 to 2002, the U.S. accepted 900,000 scientists and engineers, who mainly come from Russia, Britain, Germany, Canada, China and India and other countries. In different historical periods, representing the emerging power of the "era of beach-goers" will always form a new value orientation, which will become the social elite gathered in the "Talents."

Second, the talent gathered the key is to give talent to create a "best use" of a good environment. Reform and opening up, Guangdong has a "Saturday Engineers" phenomenon, every weekend in Guangzhou famous universities, research institutes, the side door or quarters, the total number of mysterious parked cars, then they are professors, experts and to bead Triangle of township enterprises as "high participation" in the. Why college buildings, talented people in Guangzhou, at that time was the lack of talent, "Guangdong four tigers" overwhelmed? Had plenty of talent, much can not play a role in depression is among the point. U.S. Microsoft is the world's largest software maker, and there was a statistical Russian Academy of Sciences, 30% of Microsoft's application class technology from the wisdom of the Russian engineers, these people are lost to the United States after playing a huge role. 2003 "Newsweek" reported that the newly emerging Internet companies in Silicon Valley, 29% of Indians and Chinese created. Since the influx of foreign talent, Silicon Valley's population structure has undergone great changes, the white from the 82% in 1970 to 49%. This fully shows that the mechanism, the environment is talented people to the "fertile soil", only "best use" is a bright road aggregate talent.

Human growth law also tells us is the emergence of talent was "home" to shape, supporting a "human chain" of. Even the appearance of genius, nor is it solitary independence Song. On the contrary, "leader" relationship with talented people, often presented "Qianshanwanhe go Jingmen" the battle, both "handsome", and "will" and more "soldiers." The real "talent project" is a "handsome," "will," "soldiers" are three groups of personnel training and reasonable configuration. Recently, the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman, Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, the "Guangdong Learning Forum" for independent innovation report, at which he has many wonderful discussion on personnel issues. He said: "To grasp the law of growth of talented people, we must allow the real leader of leader, but can not allow scientists to do all things"; "the introduction of talent is a must, but why can not our own 'pop out a few personnel 'it? key must be innovative environment ";" the intensity of the construction industry chain, it is the weakest section of the decision, should be concerned about the weakest link in the building. our country not only to high-end talent, practical talents, but also very good to improve the quality of the whole people. "

"Grab" talent is not easy, "poly" talent more difficult. By the "grab" to "gather" the evolution, but also reflects the transformation and upgrading of the scientific development of Guangdong's an inevitable trend. In the new situation in Guangdong, would like to "blaze a new trail", can gather better talent will be its key to success.