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Popular demand for foreign language professionals
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Nowadays, the popularization of foreign language education, knowledge of foreign languages especially English foot in the workplace has become a fundamental stepping stone. Many people even believe that the professional space is a comprehensive foreign language talent squeeze. Actually happened? In recent days, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited the city of Guangzhou more than the talent market, he gave first-hand information for the reader.

English class talent demand

Hot foreign trade, foreign language classes as hot demand for talent! The news was learned in the visual impression of the talent market. For example, often in the recent Southern talent for marketing and market class of special recruitment Foreign them, each company has nearly 200 recruiters approach. All walks of life attended the recruitment companies, such as clothing leather goods, electronics technology companies, logistics companies, auto parts companies, of which a considerable part of the recruitment of foreign language positions, such as foreign sales, foreign trade manager, Foreign Trade Merchandiser , assistant general manager and translator, English website editing.

On the specific language, the language needs of personnel in the English language skills, or big head, small languages have but not much. Guangzhou, a decorative material corporate recruiters Tsai said: "Our products will be sold in Arab countries, but we do not need languages are spoken. Because the counterparty will be available in English translation, if not necessarily have to be doing business with China China spoken word. "

Remuneration, foreign languages vary greatly in different positions, such as the Foreign Trade Merchandiser salary primary job is only 1,500 yuan, some high-end monthly income of nearly million jobs, such as the recruitment of a machinery company and foreign trade clerk assistant to the chairman post income of companies said employees more than 6000 yuan per month. Minority languages generally relatively high salaries, a logistics company of the Malay and other positions out of 6,000 yuan of wages.

Enterprise Field Testing language skills

As demand for larger, a lot of English majors that is not difficult to find a job. English graduated from the Jinan has another year of small Xie want jobs, she told reporters: "I have some work experience, professional and English, so look for the class work is not difficult to trade. Now to see which company's treatment Well, the development of larger space. "weapons from afar from Hunan students graduated from a Vocational and Technical College Business English, she said:" Graduation is not just how much work experience, but as long as willing to trade merchandiser and other infrastructure from the start position , it is not hard to find a job. "

Of course, finding a job easier is built on the strength of the above. From the field of view, foreign language posts on the academic requirements are high, usually require bachelor degree or above, a number of primary jobs (such as foreign trade Merchandiser) is relatively low, college can be. For the qualification certificate, business requirements vary, and some only require CET, and some require eight English, but they ask for English listening, speaking, reading and writing well. Some companies are usually prepared English essays, require job applicants to read the scene, such as job seekers need to look at writing skills, require job applicants to write a paragraph on a particular topic. Through these tests, an enterprise to a formal interview to the job notice.

Work experience, many companies are recruiting poster says "practitioners have experience in the industry first", "international trade, business administration, marketing major priority," and so, in fact, relative to the professional background of foreign trade, enterprises pay more attention to the foreign language skills. Zhang, an auto parts company, said foreign language skills important than knowledge, because the foreign language ability is made of long-term exercise training, the industry knowledge you can get through the short-term training.

Not limited to the translation of the employment

Professional foreign language talents to career development? In response, many companies made it clear that the translation is now rarely need a simple, general staff with foreign language expertise required to do the planning, marketing, contact, etc., is therefore recommended that English majors do not limit their own translation job, but should be combined with their own strengths, in a particular area has its own life, a clear plan.

Recruiting on behalf of a foreign trade company, said Mr. Liu, to trade, for example, foreign language professionals have several levels. The most basic is that foreign assistance, foreign trade Merchandiser, this is grass-roots level positions, requirements are not high, but foreign sales to help do some advance preparation, as well as follow up after delivery. In the middle of foreign trade salesman, usually to their actual transactions, with the company's customer contact. The senior manager of foreign trade position, not only to be familiar with foreign trade operations, should also have experience in international market, you need to develop their own clients, but also have their own trade team. Mr. Liu said: "The foreign trade of foreign language professionals by the channel development, and space is relatively large. This requires that personnel continue to strengthen foreign language study and self-enhancement."