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We should do exceedingly limit to plan. Above all, here has a proposal, do not want ego to set be restricted, do not deny too quickly oneself dream.

Measure 1 . Begin to weave fond dream first, include you to want to have, you want to do, you want to become, you consider an experience. I should ask you a question:" If you know to fail impossibly, you want what to get; If you believe the meeting is successful 100 percent, what action can you take? "Now, sit please, take a piece of paper and one branch pen, act the cherished desire that the hand writes down you. When you are written, need not be in charge of those targets to should be reached with what means, it is good to be written as far as possible.

Measure 2. Examine what what you write, anticipate the time limit that the hope reachs. When do you hope to reach? The be restricted ability when having implementation may make a target, do not have time limit can make an earnest wish only.

Measure 3. Single out 4 the mainest to you in this year goals. From the choice in the target that you list you are willing to throw most, make you most of itch to try, 4 issues that can make you contented most, write down them. Suggest now you explicitly, compendious ground, affirmative ground writes down you to realize their real reason, the assurance that tells yourself to be able to achieve a goal and they are right your importance. If you work,know how to find out sufficient reason, you will be then omnipotent, because go after the motive of the target,compare target itself more can incentive we.

Measure 4. 4 targets that check you list, whether with the 5 big regular conform to that form a result. (1 ) the result that will anticipate you with positive tone, speak what you hope and not be the; that you do not hope (2) the result wants as far as possible specific, decide finished term and project; even clearly (3) when the thing is finished, you want to be able to know to finish; (4) want to be able to hold active advantageous position, and do not hold the post of a person to control; (5) right the society is advantageous.

Measure 5. All sorts of important resource that list you had been had. Have a plan when you, use what tool so that know this. List a piece of your place has some resource detailed account, setting of the individual character that oneself include inside, friend, property, education, time limit, ability, with etc but the resource of make use of or support. This detailed account is more detailed better.

Measure 6. Finish when you all these, ask you to review the past, the resource that has kind of what your place can be applied very practised. Review the past to find out you to think 3 two the most successful experience, thinking carefully is the thing that did what spy to fasten, what just create field of career, healthy, financial, human relation is successful, write down this next special accounts please.

Measure 7. Finish when you after the measure in front, ask you to write down the condition that wants telesis itself place to have now.
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