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This year in September, circumstances of invite applications for a job changes s
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Annual September, duty field invite applications for a job can be entered " gold 9 " , it is next " silver-colored 10 " , but this year, circumstances of invite applications for a job changes somewhat. As a result of,a reason is get into trouble of many medium and small businesses, the trace that economy glides is more and more apparent, situation of Chinese obtain employment nots allow hopeful. Among them, business of estate, electric power, certificate, the sources of energy, spin, machinery is made waited for an industry to appear more apparent fall firewood phenomenon cutting down the member of persons employed. Another reason is the Olympic Games during, large invite applications for a job can stop basically, so, in September the invite applications for a job of the first ten days of a month is give priority to with the network, situation of invite applications for a job nots allow hopeful, want on the operation with sitting firmly position is given priority to, the industry that needs attention and position have:

One, the net swims industry of research and development: Fulfil of talent lack, firewood is considerable

Number of demand of countrywide IT significant position still was shown in August 2008 drop condition, the position demand that big city of a gleam of is like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen drops point-blank, beijing drops range is the biggest. And in second line city, IT position demand is firm however in have litre, as the dilate of IT business, city of second line of optional location of center of increasing research and development, this also drives the talent of second line city to flow. The arrival of the Olympic Games, drove large quantities of one obtain employment demand, correspond especially talent, the communication talent demand after the Olympic Games gradually smooth, but the force of science and technology that people had experienced communication to bring, accordingly, innovation, firm, maturity is next market target.

IT position compensation distributinged to be basically in August 2008: RMB/ month 1500 it is below 5% , 1500~1999 is 10% , 2000~2999 is 17% , 3000~4999 is 21% , 4500~5999 is 12% , 6000~7999 is 11% , 8000~9999 is 7% , 10000~14999 is 9% , 15000 above are 8% .

The net swims research and development attributes the new show in IT, firewood fulfil is considerable. Although network game trade of China is unusual hot, but personnel of core research and development is not much, the talent is lacked. If do not spend big money, through high specified number cent is become, equity is incentive such measure is very difficult tarry talent. So, the net swims fulfil of firewood of personnel of research and development is very considerable. Current, game industry is advanced in the round, each big play business lacks the game talented person that has experience, vocational training is driven further " ability city " hot, thereby, chinese game talent will face unprecedented opportunity 2008.

Game industry demand is the at present biggest is talented person of design, development, future 3 to 5 years inside, personnel demand will with annual the rate of 100% rises, game institute is in managerial practice, the core curriculum such as the game design such as development of actual combat of game of implementation of engine of game of design of game of practice of project of 3D of modelling of management of operation of design of open game framework and plan, game, game and colour, setting and part, animation and specially good effect, game, mobile phone and development, network, network and development. Used " order is fostered " mode, "Exercitation obtain employment " mode, "Professional, hypostatic " 3 kinds of effective mode such as mode, foster the talent quality that company place needs, namely latent capacity of skill, experience, development.
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