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Software checks the popular trade that is female to apply for a job
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The near future, " professional lifecycle findings report " give heat. The report shows, software test grows with professional life, do not get the age limitation, actuating pressure is relatively lesser the first selection object that waits for an advantage to make trade of contemporary female choose.

The expert points out, the female has tender, exquisite nature generally, perceptive capability is stronger, image memory is better, imagination is relatively rich, communication capability is stronger. These characteristics make them easy as shirt-sleeve as the environment, pay attention to the means method that handles an issue, more advantage is had in the job. But because the female is on-the-job the blame endurance on field (if bear children, take care of a family to wait) and labor intensity bears ability not as good as the male, their professional life also is faced with bigger menace, this also is the reason that the element such as professional life, actuating pressure pays close attention to more when female choose course of study. The expert expresses, the market demand such as software test the profession with general strength of not low, labor can satisfy big, social class requirement of female to apply for a job, became the popular industry of female to apply for a job naturally.

"A lot of people may think IT is the industry of male dominant, the female strides very hard this circle, actually this is an error. " small tea says engineer of test of software of long soft international, "What software company takes a fancy to is not sexual distinction however ability, check this kind of post that does not have sexual preference like software especially. " small tea explains, check be software quality to guard a pass person, it is to make software accords with a client to use a convention, avoid the optimal safeguard that the problem appears in using.

Female patience, attentive characteristic accords with the requirement that tests the job, better communication ability makes its more coordinate with the client easily, be engaged in software test having advantaged advantage. Additional, test industry takes seriously accumulate, as grow from already check, individual development also can obtain larger space, "Arrive from test man manager of framework division, client, the problem that how much is experience only. This industry is older be very popular more. This industry is older be very popular more..

As we have learned, realize the value that software checks gradually as enterprise of our country IT, talent demand year after year increases; And because show level major to check a talent to develop a way diseased, only part grooms the orgnaization opens major to check a talent to develop course, the person with ability that develops every year does not pass 10 thousand people, this causes talent supply and demand lopsided. Because correspondence of unit of this part choose and employ persons hires a number not to impose restriction, should accord with a condition only namely " accept everything " .
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