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Guangzhou talent net: Guangzhou is released salary is directive 2008 price
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In Guangzhou to apply for a job, geometry of him social status? Hire in Guangzhou, ability of how many cash should give to hire a person? Yesterday, bureau of safeguard of Guangzhou town work was released formally labour market salary is directive 2008 price, hope with transparent information, the rationalize of stimulative salary standard and drive salary to add those who grow a mechanism to form normally.

According to introducing, should coach valence includes 442 type of work in production, relatively increased 16 last year. Data shows, average wage is the worker that sampled 2007 37993 yuan, relatively on year rise 11.53% ; Level of yearly salary fulfil is top is a CTO (214270 yuan) , market sale chief inspector (206107 yuan) , president (204158 yuan) , manpower resource chief inspector (185572 yuan) with general manager / factory director (160797 yuan of) , all be administrator of company high level; Of lowest of firewood fulfil level is labour of carry of rubbish Qing Dynasty respectively (14912 yuan) , electronic component makes work (14333 yuan) , the member that send dish (12702 yuan) , the member that protect clean (12007 yuan) clean a keeper with tableware (11684 yuan of) , all be an enterprise most the type of work in production with inferior requirement of level of basic level, skill.

Investigation still shows, via the wage income perch that arranges integratedly number and low digit differ 14.04 times, relatively go up year of income gap narrow somewhat, but integral difference still bigger. Among them, year wage income low digit is 12389 yuan, relatively on year grows 13.04% , be more than investigation example average amplitude. 5 type of work with the greatest growth of 2007 year wage are mould labour, equipment conserves personnel, labour, communication is made exchange equipment to debug labour and personnel of mould project technology after imprinting, amplitude all exceeds 40% , all be the technology with in short supply market kind type of work.

Data still makes clear, growth of wage of the member that production of a gleam of serves a person is rapidder. Among them average amplitude amounts to commercial service personnel and personnel of operation of manufacturing facility for transporting 13% above.

Town work ensures bureau labor wages to grow Han Zhirong to express everywhere, the salary that the government sector releases coachs price is done not have mandatory, but very fundamental value is information vitrification, guide each to just handle affairs by economic rule. For instance, come to Guangzhou to apply for a job, OK and referenced; Come to Guangzhou hire, OK also and referenced. Although this was 2007 investigate data, but wage is fluctuant and average too won't frequent, supply and demand is bilateral it is easy to wait for an element via closing economic growth, price again know fairly well.

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