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Demand of software test professional is big
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Competition gave everybody equal chance, competition can take away the weak, leave overmatch. If do not want to be washed out, your only way should compare others namely strong.

Because many companies can cut down the member of persons employed, no matter be to alleviate economic pressure, remove the enterprise is faced with live the crisis, still recombine because of business changes and bringing about interior origanization construction, purpose cutting down the member of persons employed is to make industry movement more efficient, win take more profit. As an average employee, with what you receive the professional crisis that appears possibly at any time again?

Expert of resource of manpower of some talent orgnaization expresses, face wave cutting down the member of persons employed, duty field person should raise an individual through all sorts of ways above all integrated ability, in addition, choose the trade that good, life grows professional foreground, the person that also can help to apply for a job avoids the appears possibly crisis in professional career.

The expert points out, the continuity that the job that good, life grows professional foreground should have working cycle to go up and cannot replace a gender, the individual can grow ceaselessly in the job, accumulate more industry experience, have larger development space. "For example essence of life calculates test of stylist of division, game, simultaneous interpretation, software to wait a moment, it is better choice. " expert of to apply for a job Mr Hao tells a reporter, "Especially software checks, everyday a large number of enterprises release information of invite applications for a job, talent demand is very big. Talent demand is very big..

As we have learned, software test industry is in in home long-term. The enterprise was driven to taking seriously of software quality increasingly soft the increase sharply that measures personnel demand, start as a result of test of our country software however later, professional education approach is still diseased, the professional that fosters every year is less than 10 thousand people, with IT enterprise huge talent demand is compared is rare simply, supply and demand of software test talent appears serious unbalance. According to wisdom couplet invite applications for a job investigation data shows, at present demand of talent of test of our country software already broke through 300 thousand person and year after year expands, having the actual strength, test personnel that has experience is to suffer Beijing, Shanghai, another name for Guangdong Province fully more favour of enterprise of 3 ground IT.

The personage inside course of study expresses, the competitive means of the enterprise already hold office at court is bought with what conformity of of all kinds resource is a purpose and, recombine to transform with alliance. In the backside of all these act, the talent will make the central point that the enterprise pays close attention to.
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