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Guangzhou office worker has privilege by public transportation subway
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The plan of privilege of the price of a ticket of public transportation subway that cannot publish tardy gets citizen attention fully all the time. Yesterday, guangzhou city is handed in appoint director Xian Weixiong discloses when accepting media special report, plan basically will be aimed at office worker. He still introduced 5 direction of new plan.

Plan of fare of privilege of Guangzhou public transportation subway from this year hearing of witnesses arrived January month of close already now nine, choosing plan still is 2, dozen 8 fold or 5 fold, ever also caused a society to argue extensively. However, meet in the media a few days ago on the meeting, city is handed in appoint making known his position to weigh plan first will not be a society general welfare program, and aim traffic adjustment. Yesterday, xian Weixiong restatemented this one viewpoint. At the same time he still disclosed 5 direction of new plan.

Above all, adopt favourable plan of Wu of ticket of public transportation subway, attract everybody to take public traffic to go out row. Ticket Wu privilege is not general benefit program, new plan emphasizes particularly on to adjust at traffic, the person that the purpose lets open illicit home car to go to work usually namely chooses public traffic morely, guide everybody reason goes out row. Xian Shui, if everybody drives,go to work, guangzhou repairs again much road to also be used not quite. And the experience of London, Hong Kong is worth to learn, two cities are encouraged public transportation and preferential, reduce public traffic to give a cost, private give a cost to pull tall. Xian citing says, live in for instance time the person of Yu, he comes to Guangzhou urban district go to work public transportation need 35 money only, but if oneself open a car to need 229 money possibly, he abandons driving with respect to unified exam Lv go to work.

2, the government admits public traffic energetically, optimize public transportation network ceaselessly. Xian says, optimize through the circuitry this year adjust, basically Guangzhou all buildings dish enclothed, also improved a travel condition of the citizen. In addition, develop the subway energetically, subway construction speed is being accelerated ceaselessly.

3, the public transportation network that builds three-layer structure, the highroad runs to the bus, uptown with move back and forth cling to receive refute, urban and rural the Xiaoba in combining a ministry to use, make society of public transportation service is enclothed completely, build it is with the person this public transportation system. Xian Shui, the bus should exit Sunday run to carry, carry greatly, of high capacity by advocate the subway of framework will assume.

4, public transportation subway satisfies passenger requirement ceaselessly, want to enlarge change to enclothe, build the subway to ask form a complete set builds parking lot, bicycle custodial station.

5, play intelligence attempers, the basis is whole road condition circumstance undertakes attempering neatly all right to public transportation carry, the intelligence of executive network attempers. This road is blocked up dead, sending the respect such as car frequency to be adjusted somewhat with respect to this. The bus will use Yang Cheng generally to connect henceforth, install supervisory system of GPS, video, additional, still multimedia is broadcasted, news also can watch when letting a passenger take a car, hear music.
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