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Career Expo has every district this month 2.5 million people participated in th
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Shanghai World Expo, "cabbage", "Blueberry" and the Expo staff gives a good impression. Thus, in a "difficult job," the voice, who has a rare job Expo services companies rushing to become the Book of the "meat and potatoes." Yesterday, at the Sports Center opening Yuanshen the first job fair at the Expo staff, some of which failed because of limited space at the site warn that the company, in order to come into contact with Italian people, Even the specialized personnel officer dispatched to the scene thoroughly. It is understood that service personnel Expo series of special recruitment of Pudong, Huangpu and Baoshan Session held yesterday at the same time. Tomorrow, 9 am to 11 pm, there will be special Minhang (Guanghua Road, Minhang District 638 personnel employment services to Shanghai Center) and Chongming Session (City Town: Renmin Road, Bayi Road intersection). November, the city will be held in 18 districts and counties have special recruitment services to the Expo staff. Shanghai, the public can log on check the website of Human Resources and Social Security information. Since before the end of Expo on to "cabbage" and Expo Gongzuo staff with open arms, the first "stolen food" side of Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion As of yesterday 17:30 has received Jianli 11119 copies distributed has been To recruit more than 30 units. Candidates, recruitment is playing the "Expo" brand 9 o'clock yesterday morning, came to applying for the staff involved in Bo Yuan Shen Sports Centre has had a packed around. Because the large number in order to maintain the order, recruitment will also set up at the entrance to the "cabbage", "Blueberry" and other Familiar snake fence. In order to prove their identity, many of the "cabbage", "Blueberry" brought their own work permits, and some even prepared a letter of recommendation from the museum. Interestingly, a recruit to come to the top chocolate companies are drying out from Expo own "experience" - has done the Expo brand of Belgian chocolate museum exhibition and sale of hand. Enterprises to send personnel officer barracks Yesterday's recruitment site, has set up a dedicated volunteer Expo resume drop boxes. Set the drop box of the Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. Wu Xiaohui, told reporters early months ago, there were many foreign enterprises Industry, call the company, hoping to recruit a group of volunteers who worked as the Expo staff. Since yesterday, the scene warn that the limited number of volunteers received outside the service company on behalf of the resume, and the talent to meet the requirements to be recommended Major companies. In addition to job shadow, the crowd yesterday, there are also some enterprises of the personnel officer. Puxi a property company from Mr. Wang said that the Expo volunteers work through the high-intensity exercise, with many of the tour Dealings with customers, ability to endure hardship and coordination are strong, these are the characteristics of a very high value enterprises. He said his property where the company hopes to hire a number of suitable candidates, sent the receptionist or customer service and other business Kong Bit. According to statistics, the first Expo job fair attracted more than 25,000 job-seekers, on the spot interviews of more than 12,000 people, the intention to reach nearly 3,500 people employed. In addition, this will provide recruitment recruitment jobs at the same time, Expo service also provides vocational guidance, psychological guidance, business guidance, training and guidance, counseling and other personnel policies to Shanghai consulting services. Reached more than 400 special interest Huangpu Huangpu District "special recruitment service personnel Expo" was held yesterday at the same time, the recruitment of 88 companies participated, providing 2,277 jobs, recruitment will be on-site attracted more than 1,000 participants, 898 people and recruiters directly into Line of the negotiations, in which 429 people reached a preliminary intention. Employment Promotion Center in Huangpu District, an employment agency official said: "As the post treatment of the Expo site better than the average job, salaries are higher, many service personnel looking for work, the Expo may have a mental drop Poor. Therefore, we arranged a special career guidance services to help them find work smoothly. "