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Sell chief inspector / branch general manager / administration deputy always
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Workplace: Guangdong visits Guangzhou town, zhejiang province, the Fujian Province
Demand strength: 5 people
Affirmatory monthly pay: 6000-7999
Working property: Full-time
Requirement work experience: 5 years of above
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Want attend school one by one: Above of three-year institution of higher learning
Requirement age: Do not be restricted
Specific requirement:
Main responsibility:
1.According to the strategic program of head office, make branch business extend run a plan with year;
2.The management that is in charge of a branch in the round works, ensure branch management end comes true with what develop a target.
Hold a post qualification:
1.26 years old - 35 years old, record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, market sale or administrative major are preferential;
2.Experience of 3 years of above management (job of Internet, IT, straight sell is first) ;
3.Have outstanding market to extend ability, harmonious ability, constituent government ability, can bear pressure, be willing to accept a challenge;
4.Have the commercial consciousness of acumen and outstanding human society, social activity ability;
5.Possess the good mind that respect property and professional morality personal integrity, have very powerful impel force and cohesive affinity.
6, database of responsible sale statistic, offer the proposal that the product improves; Can hard-working; Have stronger communication capability and harmonious ability to be able to be away on official business.
7, the group that is in charge of guiding branch 5-6 departmental door.
8, soldier of army army major is first; Insurance industry; Of the person that IT sells experience continuously preferential.
  • Contact: A surname manager
  • Connect a telephone call: 23289441
  • Fax: 23285585
  • Postcode:
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