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How to answer good presentation kind problem
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The main demand of the speech: The first, know a boy or girl friend, have a definite object in view. The speech says a person to listen, accordingly, the speech should know audience boy or girl friend above all: State of the thought state that knows them, literacy rate, profession how; What is understanding the problem that they care and urgent need solves, etc. Otherwise, do not see a boy or girl friend, speech draft is written so that spend time again, say again give an extravagantly colourful description, audience also can feel dull insipidity, apathetic, the purpose that also admires with respect to short of conduct propaganda, agitate, education and glad. The 2nd, the viewpoint is bright, love is true. The speech wants a point of view bright, those who showing lecturer to be known to a kind of reason is affirmative, showing lecturer is right the incisive degree of external object opinion, can mix with authentic sex to the person honest feeling. Perform smudginess of lecture notes viewpoint, lack conviction, lost the action of the speech. The speech should have true feeling, ability lays person of moving, infection, have agitate sex. Accordingly, it asks to notice emotional colour on expression, rise argue and lyric union. Have sober analysis already, zestful agitate; Already somewhat anger, be fond of somewhat again; Already somewhat abhor, love somewhat again. Of course this kind of deep and moving feeling should not be " squeeze " those who come out, and should send from the bottom of one's heart, resemble spring spew and go out. The 3rd, style or manner of writing changes, be full of billows. The element that makes a presentation is very much, have content, have arrangement, also have psychological feature of audience and the law that know a thing. If can master psychological feature of audience and the rule that know a thing, choose material appropriately, arrange data, also can make the speech arouses billows in audience heart. In other words, the speech should have billows, want those who rely on content to have case have hot season, have Zhang Youchi, have emphasize, have repeatedly, have quite, have coordinate. The structure of the speech reachs expressive method. From internal composition for, the speech needs to form or create the mood atmosphere of the spot, the content that interprets should relatively concentration, normally the speech can discuss 3 two issues only at most, and 3 two problems still get very close together ground to be strung on logic rise, with layer upon layer push the way that perform, closely linked ground spreads out. The structure of the speech is apart head, main body, terminal 3 parts, the structural principle of its structure principle and common implied meaning is roughly same. But, because the speech is to have timeliness and spatial activity, the structure that makes a speech consequently still has the characteristic of its oneself, especially its begin and ending have special demand.
(one) , opening remarks -- hold audience, fascinating
The begin of the speech, also call opening remarks. It is in an a place in the sun in the structure of the speech, have main effect. Good presentation stalks of grain, one begin should use the most concise language, most economic time, attract audience's attention and excited particle come over, such, ability achieves the result of defeat sb by a surprise action.
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