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What does interview of renown look forward to value most?
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Sea Er:

Value vigor and innovation
Sea Er regards home as well-known company, the company culture that agrees with sea Er is to enter Er of sea of faces to be able to be inside the enterprise the requirement of shape up. Sea Er is done not have to the this year's graduates too much slashing, besides character of the professional knowledge that applicant should have, ability, ability of the vigor that sea Er still values applicant, innovation and the execution that are in charge of seriously ability.
Because the development of sea Er is very rapid, the organization of group and branch is quite huge, outside because this interview to applicant asks besides a few pairs of professional technologies,comparing high post, general very won't complex and slashing, all talent invite applications for a job are unite arrangement by the group.
If applicant wants to enter Er of sea of faces smoothly, should put ready letter and certificate of merit temporarily at the same time, and leave good the first impression to official of be in charge of an examination, it is crucial however. If applicant can give him to leave the impression with stronger capability of self-confident and energetic, decisive, expression in interview process, be so successful before.
Differ completely with those transnational corporation, famous foreign enterprise, the peculiar problem that sea Er does not have those interview and excruciating 18 programs, that is not a key. What sea Er values more is active, serious, enthusiastic manner of applicant and neat and spell able figure, of course to the final person that succeed, in have genuine talent on this, sea Er and other company do not have distinction.


Self-confident, honesty is a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success
BMC is the world vendor of the 5th old independent software, it is an American company that having rich company culture. To enterprise of a foreign capital, they are when interview besides inspect applicant to whether have self-confidence hopeful, active up good state of mind, still pay attention to the good behavior that inspects applicant at the same time. The general manager Ma Congsheng of BMC China area thinks, "Can groom and the working ability of a person learns again, but moral cannot be changed however, the person with bad behavior is the BMC that do not have a predestined relationship. " like enterprise of other foreign capital, good English expression ability and communication ability is to enter
The lowermost standard of BMC.
In recent years the development as a result of business, BMC invite applications for a job a lot of this year's graduateses. The enterprise can be annual on the net announce news of invite applications for a job, personnel of invite applications for a job will be right to apply for a job person resume undertakes preliminary choose, be opposite by manpower resource ministry subsequently person selected person undertake interview. There is theme of a few written examinations in interview, the reaction ability of the person that basically check to apply for a job and thinking means. Accordingly, to applicant, in written examination need has disperse the internal heat with sudorifics model thinking means, ability of comprehensive consideration problem obtains good result. If to apply for a job person after entering coop successfully to enter 2, will undertake interview by general manager of BMC China division. This is the company's last interview, it will decide which applicant can laugh finally. But the content of this interview is quite honest, its content is the bearing that inspects applicant mainly is mixed work ability, whether to suit to work in this company, the working position of the person that decide person selected finally and working content.
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