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The interview of state-owend enterprise and foreign enterpris
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State-owned company: Pay close attention to you be loyal to sureness
State-owned company comes for years is graduate obtain employment all the time advocate channel. As a result of the characteristic of state-owned company itself, make its are in invite applications for a job is graduate from time to tome its apparent state-owend enterprise characteristic. Among them the human affairs system that the most important still is its from above to below, make its are in interview of invite applications for a job too medium the quadrature in compasses, because this is in,be opposite commonly graduate is not special and slashing, but the room that applicant freedom develops is not big also. Deepen further as what state-owned company reforms in recent years, the state-owend enterprise is introduced in the talent go up to also conform with the market stage by stage, of human affairs system perfect further make the method of talent of invite applications for a job scientific with each passing day also reasonable. As a whole state-owned company is in what talent of invite applications for a job still basically pays attention to a student when college this year's graduates especially school success and expression, if have good computer technical ability, english crosses 4 level at least, the computer has wanted 2 class to wait. Once had held the position of student cadre especially, it is the student that Party member and Ceng Zaijiao win scholarship often more the attention that gets state-owned company. State-owned in interview process company is met commonly the political quality that inspects a student mainly and thought moral character, whether can understanding applicant be free from anxiety to make a career one time in state-owned company.
Photograph of state-owned company interview to other property company its challenge a gender often not big, want graduate serious preparation only, do not make mistake of a few typical sexes, can participate in the interview of state-owned company, the interview of ultimate pass a test still has very big hope.
It is in order to apply for our country's famous state-owned company long rainbow exemple, almost officials of all long rainbow be in charge of an examination ask such question in the metropolis when interview: What advantage do you have in study respect? Do you understand long rainbow? To learning an advantage, the position that official of be in charge of an examination can apply for according to applicant place is specific the circumstance that asks a foundation class and technical class respect; And if apply for each aspect that checks pair of long rainbow,be familiar with related the data, the attention of official of be in charge of an examination is caused very easily in the meeting in interview.
Sum up program of invite applications for a job of a few state-owned companies, OK to the characteristic of state-owend enterprise interview reduce the following respects:
1, interview staff often plays by the human affairs director of the enterprise, and the reason as a result of state-owned company system, human affairs is in charge of what often can decide applicant to accept or reject. Can pass the first batch of resume accordingly interview phase is entered after falling into disuse, director of demonstrative human affairs is right already applicant's quality undertook affirmation, interview just confirms this kind of their judgement further.
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