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Foreign enterprise interview is commonly used problem 50
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1.Tell Me About Yourself. Whether the circumstance that talks about yourself

2.What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? What does your this lifetime make preparation

3.Do You Have Any Actual Work Experience? Do you have real work experience?

4.How Would You Describe Your Ideal Job? You are to good job how of look upon

5.Why Did You Choose This Career? Why do you choose this profession?

6.When Did You Decide On This Career? You are when to decide to choose this occupational

7.What Goals Do You Have In Your Career? Do you hope what to goal achieve in professional career?

8.How Do You Plan To Achieve These Goals? Do you plan how to achieve these goals?

9.How Do You Evaluate Success? How do you evaluate a success?

10.Describe A Situation In Which You Were Successful. Talk about the particular case that makes you feel successful simply please?

11.What Do You Think It Takes To Be Successful In This Career? Do you think to want to need successfully to some of what preparation make in this domain?

12.What Accomplishments Have Given You The Most Satisfaction In Your Life? Do in your professional career those achievement make you most satisfactory?

13.If You Had To Live Your Life Over Again, what Would You Change? If life can begin afresh, some of what kind of change can you have?

14.Would Your Rather Work With Information Or With People? Do you like to still like to be the same as information contact with with person contact with?

15.Are You A Team Player? Are you a group member?

16.What Motivates You? What is your motive?

17.Why Should I Hire You? Why should we recruit you?

18.Are You A Goal-oriented Person? Are you the target directs model person?

19.Tell Me About Some Of Your Recent Goals And What You Did To Achieve Them. Whether how do the near future target that talks about you and you prepare to come true?

20.What Are Your Short-term Goals? What is your short-term goal?

21.What Is Your Long-range Objective? What is your long-term goal?

22.What Do You See Yourself Doing Five Years From Now? From now on what do you hope to do inside 5 years?

23.Where Do You Want To Be Ten Years From Now? From now on what do you want to do inside 10 years?

24.Do You Handle Conflict Well? You can does appropriate resolve conflict?

25.Have You Ever Had A Conflict With A Boss Or Professor? How Did You Resolve It? Before you whether with the boss or adviser happening conflict? Are you to be like what manage where?

26.What Major Problem Have You Had To Deal With Recently? What is the main problem that latter your department manages?

27.Do You Handle Pressure Well? Can you answer pressure model working environment?

28.What Is Your Greatest Strength? What is your prominent dominant position?

29.What Is Your Greatest Weakness? What is your biggest inadequacy?
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