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Improve your performance in interview
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We are listed and the following problem and clew, in order to help to apply for a job person plan interview. Although these problems are from to apply for a job person footing puts forward, but also can help interview compere widen train of thought, cause a problem, and the person that in order to evaluates to apply for a job.

To apply for a job person should prepare to answer the question under such as in the interview that deals with prospective employer:

Why do you choose this one specific place?

What is the purpose that you work?

Why do you like to work for our company?

Henceforth what do you want to do in 5 years? Why?

Do you grow salary for the last time (bonus) how many does the amount have?

What kind of management style can develop your greatest ability? Why?

What respect do our product and service have to make you are interested?

You whether get you previously the commendation of employer? About you, what can he say?

Did you arrive from the vocational school that was engaged in in the past what? Do you like which kind of professions most? Why?

What did you do in the job in order to behave you the spirit of active enterprising?

What is your main weak point? How are you improved to this respect?

You think to be in a big company, what is the element that decides one individual progress?

Are you willing to work to the other place? Are you willing to be away on official business?

How do you spend your off hours? What is your hobby?

"Is group spirit " important to you?

Does your deposit spend money? What business had you once done?

Do you like to the book of which one type read? Which is what had you read recently?

In interview process, employer can make an assessment to negative factor and positive factor. List below the negative factor in interview process:

Individual appearance is very poor.

Is act as a tyrant, aggressive, above oneself, " advantageous power the expressive thought that cannot " of know-all of " , " make clear? Expression and grammar are poor.

Does to the career lack plan a gender? Without purpose or target.

Lack interest and passion? Passivity and indifference.

Devoid confidence? Mental insecurity.

Take a fancy to money overly? Be interested in pay only.

Plead? Look for excuse to the adverse element of on record.

Lack is quick-witted / mature / courteous.

Censure the employer in the past.

Without the eye that can look at interview compere.

Faint, expressionless handclasp.

To the value of past experience, lack takes seriously.

Did not raise good question with respect to concerned company and position respect, it is this bit very important!

Hold to such manner: "People should serve " for me.
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