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7 psychology of to apply for a job are mensurable
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Everyone changes in what immanent psychology often suffers when to apply for a job and come out now in the body in be being run actually. Going up somehow say what to kind of psychology also decided to be able to find what kind of job. The author often persuades old schoolmate to leave his post to be entered socially from state-operated enterprise. They often are opposite on one hand company cries of discontent rise all round, oneself appear bright phearl is cast dark, on the other hand indecisive, overcautious and indecisive, did not act tardy. Because have income of nearly 1000 months every months after all, have a family after all, after all him " craft not " of essence of life, alleged can rebuke an industry only, scold a leader, scold a society unjust. And in north a lot of people think he work to south is the expression that does not have prospect, why is their reason we cannot mix you? Want to had ability early, is going out now to search tired suffer? Very much the reporter is interviewed western the farmer that some relieve, ask why its are like this poverty, answer: I have a meal to eat by day, wife is held in the arms in the evening, very happy, it is you think I am poor, ourselves did not feel. By this token, it is important that expression has many. It is to have law like psychology and physics, chemistry actually but of abide. So the student that just crossed a school gate as, what psychology law should master?

One, master law. Believe the destiny masters in him hand namely, temporary difficulty is one of life temporary halt only is not failure, want to believe oneself so. The person with successful every believes he can master oneself. If you want to enter IT line of business, although now without a single redeeming feature, want continuous study only, try hard toward that direction, need not 3 years you may be a fine IT public figure.

2, random is mensurable. A lot of people are not very serious to the thing to the person, be willing to indulge oneself, sturdy sex is insufficient. If some of applicant thinks of when graduation how what kind of enterprise, feel difficulty is great later, want to take an examination of again grind, one's deceased father grind competition is fierce have want to hold a person in the palm to seek a relationship, the relation is done not have cranky...

3, cause and effect is mensurable. In process of to apply for a job although have a lot of chance, but it is certain to still have causal, if renown school graduate compares average college graduate to want to apply for a job easily, the undergraduate students is born to apply for a job easily than three-year institution of higher learning, the eager degree of to apply for a job, care about degree hard degree and applying for a success finally is to have causal.

4, be certain mensurable. You have affliction, when you have enough courage to face hardship, "Affliction " was done not have, go on the road in the evening you fear to have " ghost " , momently " ghost " is beside your. Should be certain oneself, do not abandon easily, not easily disappointing, every time is nearing an end hard, perserve hopeful.
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