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How can official of the be in charge of an examination when t
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The payoff of a successful interview included: The query of official of be in charge of an examination and listen attentively to skill, field means of arrangement, interview is waited a moment, but with respect to thematic design itself, what should we master? Different problem inspect different ability, obtains result also is to go very far. The article was cast before enclosed the simple classification with open mode, undertook to the title more meticulous differentiate and more detailed introduction, so that be applied better.

One, guide sexual problem.

This kind of problem is directiveness after elaborating, study the issue of the setting of a few concerned examinee that the official puts forward, for instance examinee gets the case of education and job, why should come interview is waited a moment, basically be for the intense sentiment of alleviation examinee, form one's deceased father between official and examinee the atmosphere that harmonious communicating, so that examinee can follow late wave to give optimal level, make take an examination of luscious understanding at the same time the actual level of each examinee, fairness of in an attempt to; Next, still can make good bedding for in-depth interview, collect topic. Generally speaking, such we are OK asking " ask you to introduce your simply with time of two 3 clocks, include to teach setting and working experience. " ; "How do you think of to apply for our company? " ; "What do you have working duty of the job to have? " etc.

2, apiration sex problem.

Whether does the motive that basically inspects examinee job match with post photograph. Strategy of query of this kind of problem can use the means of make oblique references, let examinee show his real purpose when the choice. The profession seeks advice | Career of exposed to the sun | This news shares professional adviser22Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

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