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Interview by " kill " dropped N is planted dead law -- classi
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○ takes an examination of an official: Narrate your resume with time of a minute please. Applicant: I what college graduate learned 2000 is article secret professional finish school went to an ad firm to work to basically be in charge of article table a few years this using off hours later I studied a foreign language the 2nd record of formal schooling prepares reread at present I consider degree of a graduate student very much!

Cause of death: Language fast too fast, not know what is said.

○ takes an examination of an official: Do you have a girlfriend? Applicant: Without. Take an examination of an official: Your forereach girl? Applicant: Forereach, but was not overtaken. Take an examination of an official: Does the preparation after you work pursue the girl again? Applicant: Work hard first, take no account of individual problem temporarily.

Cause of death: Devoid human nature, lack self-confidence namely.

○ takes an examination of an official: How much do you know to computer? Applicant: Hum, that should look is which kind of computer. Exceed second palm commonly to go up model arteries and veins of a short while of silicon single crystal exports computer (the electron is expressed) simpler, the technological process of exercise of the encode that solve interpret that it often uses when my elementary school (go up the) that be troubled by a bell. As to muti_function simulator of fictitious fact condition (sport plane) complex much, do not cross me once complete test crosses a lot of static state data to store monomer (game cassette) . I am right after be brought up answer channel UHF is wireless multimedia receives an instrument (TV) begin to generate interest, the material that can track specific channel in the evening everyday () of gold archives teleplay.

Take an examination of an official: Very good, will begin to go to work tomorrow. The company matchs for you " BMW " in subterranean first floor, add a car, this is the key...

Absolutely vivid: Complication simply.

○ takes an examination of an official: Hello, here is such-and-such company. Are you to agree to come to our company today interview? Applicant: Ah, I forgot to call tell you, I am occupied today. Can be in in order to change next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock -- haw not, at 3 o'clock?

Cause of death: Proud -- be equal to the suicide.

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