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Apply for 7 words successfully definitely
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1 apply for a classmate to want to be written down clear, above all you are an undergraduate. Bearing the way one speaks or what he says tells courtesy, expert so that body has true-blue.

2 recommend material to want to take complete, with certificate or proof, it is clear that oneself circumstance is written, connection means wants to make clear.

3 negotiate assemble of the person on the meeting is moved, zhang Bang of invite applications for a job of choose and employ persons is ascended, be certain major chooses an unit, speak or sing alternately negotiates ability is likely.

Personnel of 4 invite applications for a job is not major, technical issue he not essence of life, the query won't be too slashing, see your quality and response.

5 have some of problem firm elementary course, cannot abandon saying not to understand, some problems although you understand, cannot believe a mouth to say to have a good command of.

Circumstance of 6 the other side wants to understand, the bosom friend tells the other not v/arc teach a child to read and write, have ask have answer have sense of property, affirmation is measurable not blind.

7 ego are recommended should easy, heart of dry of give up of float of Buddhist monastic discipline wants sincere, psychology stabilizes mood delay, the smile gains 3 minutes of favour.

8 on the spot clappers decides the likelihood, sign the agreement calculates, school of one type triplet he you, forbid to go back on one's word a person hole.

9 may not decide on the spot, try to be able to fall to be communicated again, ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly has a much-told story, call at sb's house pays a visit to be not loosened.

10 states office is tearing open temple, the institution is decreasing stool, want to take emperor food iron rice bowl-a secure job, start also gets a graduate student.

11 like you personal computer crosses 3 level, have English 46 class, some respect has strong point, assure to need to just welcome.

12 have make-up examination like your achievement, had sufferred punish to endure criticism, truth is to say to seek progress, although the road is rough still can connect.

13 competition obtain employment relies on competence, hit out actively ask more, good luck considers an observant and conscientious person more, own choose course of study cannot wait.

14 after all in market economy, climate of north and south differs each, hill go into business always has a way on, inherent I just need useful.

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