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Two action " hold tight lives " hunt head heart
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Two action " hold tight lives " hunt head heart

The end of the year is the height that changes the job, head of a lot of hunt begins everywhere activity. My periphery has some of programmer friend, hope to be able to pass the working opportunity that hunt head recommends very much, the working condition with him current change -- if go to work,be kind of disease, then major patient wants to change a hospital.

Today, I share 3 recruit two type let programmer be had when be enrolled too with hunt head active.

The first action strengthens oneself to repair refine to attract hunt head eyeball

Hunt head pays close attention to only current to them the person with the useful project in the hand. This year, those who do resource to prepare is less and less. It is more very, resource has not had good hunt head is starved to death. Such, how to let hunt head be in for a short while, notice in relevant domain we were become cause the problem with close serious. Share at 2 o'clock, in order to offer reference:

1, write more

Can let oneself the most quickly show at the best method before the opportunity be. Understand oneself through writing professional technology article to let others. Professional periodical is one of main methods that hunt head finds relevant candidate to be used. Good literary works can bring some of money profit for us not only, still can bring some of job opportunity for us. Before, I had made the list of manager of project of yearly salary 45W, candidate is found through the article on the magazine.

2, move less

The candidate with working not the more frequent shift, jump over the company that be mixed by hunt head to just be valued. Stability is one of the largest dominant positions of this kind of candidate, the professional technical ability with good, strong together with, this kind of programmer will surely become hunt head above all.

As to how to judge an opportunity, reject temptation, look please below two articles:

Face temptation, I just know I have many flimsy

Face temptation, how do we make rational choice?

Head of hunt of understanding of the 2nd action runs mode hold tight to live hunt head heart

Way of movement of hunt head project is as follows:

The client puts forward adviser of head of demand à hunt to look for candidate of interview of adviser of head of limits à hunt certainly according to JD à hunt head is written recommend company of report à invite applications for a job à candidate enters direct interview candidate after duty, hunt head collects the service fee of company of invite applications for a job

Adviser of every hunt head and hunt head assistant are bearing huge actuating pressure, all salary that they take are deduct a percentage from a sum of money only advance a form, be in debt everyday the job. You can know the member that imagine insurance Wu -- do not have a meal to eat without outstanding achievement!
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