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Sigh with regret of public relations ace
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Sigh with regret of public relations ace " I am being chased after by hunt head run "

Firm of head of the hunt in the impression in me collect company high level, never thinking of is middle-level administrator only oneself were become unexpectedly ' prey ' . " hunt head searchs come to come, wang Hua (alias) feel very abrupt. However, such thing happened really, and ground of in quick succession happens. 10 years ago, wang Hua is in Shenzhen a large and retail business grows from average employee for public concern senior manager. From 2003 the end of the year begins, a few international, home's famous retail firm passes hunt head firm, xiang Wanghua is given out invite, some opens the pay that gives 18 thousand yuan every months even, it is him now of monthly pay double much still.

Hunt head firm searchs one after another come

"When receiving telephone call of hunt head firm for the first time, I feel very abrupt. " the scene when Wang Hua still remembers becoming clearly.

"Wanting those who dig me is the snack estate magnate with a famous international, name is a lot of bigger than my present company. " after receiving a telephone call, there is inarticulate in king China heart glad, after all hunt head is interested in him, one kind this is pair of individual ability is approbated, the mark is worn individual value has begun promotion, professional career also rises to to update higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position to go up.

"But I considered to be less than a day only, forgoed this opportunity. " Wang Hua tells a reporter, the post that company of the other side offers is in charge of the public concern of Hua Na area only, but the company now, he is in charge of the public concern of countrywide area, scope of business is more extensive. Integrated each respect element, his decline firm of this hunt head.

After this, wang Hua is taken a fancy to by firm of head of a few hunt time and again, the company that digs him is the well-known company inside retail trade, this includes Hong Kong and abroad's famous foreign capital among them retail business, open the condition that give more favourable.

Turn over the monthly pay of times to ever let him his mind disturbed a bit

When make Wang Hua the most difficult choose " by hunt " experience, be the state is crossed famously inside one family property retail business.

"Via the introduction of hunt head firm, the chief of manpower resource department of an enterprise calls directly the office to me. " Wang Hua tells a reporter, this enterprise is in the position inside course of study, be like be the same as " gold-lettered signboard " , from the person that this company finds new job, to home a few enterprises held the position of senior administrator. Those who face this " alluring " , wang Hua is enchanted.

After a few days, the chief of manpower resource department of Wang Hua and this company makes an appointment to meet in hall of a coffee. This controller expresses to will offer public concern section to Wang Hua senior manager one duty, basically be in charge of coordinating the with the government relation inside countrywide limits. "I try to raise monthly pay 18 thousand yuan, did not think of this chief says to be able to consider however, this is me fully now of monthly pay double much. This is me fully now of monthly pay double much..
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