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Condition of Chinese hunt first-born investigates: Hunt head is become handler
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Condition of Chinese hunt first-born investigates: Hunt head becomes handler to find new job first selection

Handler of 85 % above has had a contact nearly two years with hunt head firm, the handler of 23 % has the frequency of above more than 8 times, explain activity of hunt head firm is quite frequent, hunt head company is told to handler had resembled no longer 007 so mysterious

Investigation introduction

The Chinese commerce society of like a raging fire, from unfamiliar arrive familiar, hunt head firm presents the potential of spark set the prairie ablaze, spent only be less than 10 years. Begin to obtain greater and greater speech to counterpoise with independent group when Chinese profession handler, hunt head firm also ground of success will come when conditions are ripe wins more capacious arena, no matter be international of firm of famous hunt head into halt, like emerge of firm of head of native land still hunt get an area, face the public -- hunt head industry is being mixed to reason by mysterious, low transfer open. The industry of about a hundred 100 million value produces every year in this, its development speed can be used " explosive type " will describe, be in Shanghai only, according to not complete count, be engaged in hunt head the company of relevant business does not issue 2000.

Of the industry grow quickly, "The trouble that grow " be destined very closely associated with each other, place oneself head of among them enterprise, handler, hunt won't overlook. By " commercial BUSINESS " magazine and classics of all previous of Shanghai handler net two many months, roll out first in home " condition of Chinese hunt first-born was investigated 2006 " , from the angle of handler and enterprise HR, discuss market of Chinese hunt head to live at present the current situation that head of use hunt of the shadow loudness of firm of head of condition, hunt, enterprise serves and attention dot, promote the benign development of high-end talent market thereby.

This investigation faces China all on-the-job handler, cloth of tone interrogate curl is in " commercial BUSINESS " , on the media such as salon of natural resources of net of Shanghai handler net, wisdom couplet invite applications for a job, Chinese power. In all 530 handler are opposite with respect to their oneself and enterprise the opinion that the view of hunt head expressed him, among them effective questionnaire is 463. In investigating an object, the number of level of president, general manager occupies 16 % , of level of vise general manager, chief inspector occupy 20.5% , level of sectional manager, manager is occupied 63.5% . With respect to company property character, the foreign trader occupies 60 % solely investedly, china and foreign countries occupies 13.5 % joint-stockly, appear on the market the company occupies 4 % , state-operated enterprise occupies 5 % , civilian battalion enterprise occupies 12.5 % . Can see, the attention to hunt head market spends the handler of foreign capital company to exceed far inside endowment enterprise. the company function that joins investigation staff, of operation occupy 31.5 % , of manpower resource occupy 35.5 % , of sale occupy 23 % , of information management occupy 2.5 % , occupy 7.5 % otherly. Can see, because of the reason of working duty, what the enterprise is in charge of operation and manpower resource is highest to sharing the enthusiasm of this second investigation, exceed the 2/3 of total number.
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