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Be in China the foreign enterprise is fond of hire Chinese handler
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As Chinese economy increasingly open, increasing the strong point is exhibited in the government that handler of outstanding Chinese native land profession begins to be in foreign capital enterprise. Today, china is aimed at technically first " in China lead company company is administered " research survey report is in here Fudan University is announced, investigation shows, more and more is in China the foreign enterprise begins to open wide bosom to Chinese controller, the husband of China of employ of plan of foreign capital company that 7 become above runs a company.

According to introducing, this the report is current Chinese first time is opposite with means of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood in China the company processing of the foreign enterprise undertakes study, its study the object is in for more than 40 China large and well-known company, if spend company of general and banner bank, electric, Ford to wait, visit object all is controller of company high level, include trustee bureau chairman, executive president and presiding apparitor, the visit involves area to cover Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang to wait for division of trade of Chinese main business.

Investigation indicates, at present increasing the company of large foreign capital that acquires flying development in China expresses, apt expands the service in the process in in the future company handler of more Chinese book profession. According to statistic, of 70.5% in China foreign capital enterprise is considering employ China handler to run a company, this has the enterprise of 87% to will finish service in 3 years of less than again among them, have 29.5% only suffer visit an enterprise to express not to plan handler of employ China profession. According to concerning an expert to divulge here, nowadays is in China the foreign enterprise is intense with each passing day to the contention of native land talent, have a batch of foreign enterprises already go ahead of the rest one pace, give heat nearly two years of specific plans that take gift or plan, put into practice.

In addition, investigation makes clear at the same time, a few main factors when affecting these world-renowned enterprises to choose presiding apparitor comparative extraordinary. According to introducing, when the qualification that judges enterprise CEO candidate, come from what the proprietor of an enterprise wants investor to recommend become the mainest influencing factor, the professional qualification that is candidate next and skill and the honesty that are a person are just, the success that gains before as to candidate, become the factor that these enterprises consider finally.

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