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The industry enters a doorsill low
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Hunt head firm regards intermediary as the company, the hand pulls enterprise and talent both ends. What kind of hunt head firm is a competent good intermediary? This just is cared each.

Hunt head industry is in our country is a burgeoning industry, because market demand is exuberant,reach an industry to enter a doorsill low, this group course of study grows very quickly, above sea is exemple, do not arrive 10 years, already had hundreds of at least, the competition between hunt head firm is unusually consequently intense. Intense competition, plus the industry immature, the operation that caused a lot of hunt head firms is non-standard: Lack professional search capacity, devoid science, normative talent analysis and talent serve a system. A lot of orgnaizations that call hunt head company oneself often are connected most of at least run mode not to understand very. Actually, to hunt head the company is to have what limit strictly on international, its operation also has rigid standard:

■ requirement of analytic client choose and employ persons: Communicate demand of position of invite applications for a job in detail with the client, know the talent quality that the client needs truly; At the same time the oldest rate understands each aspects of the client, strive can communicate with the direct superior of this position, respect and client photograph be identical can wait in order to assure candidate in working method, style.

■ supply project proposal book: Pass the client situation that understands, those who join hunt head company is actual, refer project proposal book, the target of the understanding that includes pair of position, search and channel, relevant proposal.

■ the autograph makes an appointment with, the talent's search and discriminate: According to the project particular case begins search work, have the relevant job such as interview, evaluation to preliminary and likely candidate, ensure seek right talented person, undertake on the base that collects so that candidate agrees setting is investigated, in order to assure the authenticity of the data.

■ the talent recommends: The data that investigates the relevant circumstance of candidate, setting and the commment of professional advisory adviser form candidate report, discuss with the client, affirm, arrange interview.

■ the talent reachs the designated position reach support service: In the process of bilateral contact, appropriative bagman, ensure of candidate reach the designated position smoothly, make the support service of good project. (Author: Shi Yang)

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