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Hunt head people 7 industries that pay close attention to most are uncovered c
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According to hunt head group senior personage introduces, the popular industry that hunt head pays close attention to most this year is: The industry such as media advertisement, telegraphic, pharmacy, content shedding, retail, car, estate.

President of some hunt head expresses, from last year the bottom begins a very outstanding change is, media ad industry begins service of head of large-scale use hunt, the senior talented person that includes the position such as plan of client chief inspector, media is the object that this industry is eager to hunt.

In addition the civilian battalion company with bigger dimensions, also quickened the pace of collect talent.

And before telegraphic industry changes two years low confuse a condition, talent of 3G of large-scale invite applications for a job. From manager of research and development, project management, technology, cost technological process of control, item manages the talented person that waits for each link is the object that telegraphic industry hunt catchs. A few months also have pharmacy industry to change apparently recently, a lot of famous civilian battalion enterprise in succession headquarters migratory go to Beijing, its purpose is for wide court handsome appearance, reduce the difficulty of talent management.

The personage inside course of study reminds say, content shedding, retail industry is worth to pay close attention to especially, person with ability of government of domestic retail industry is all along uncommon be short of. At present world famous brand wants market of China of race to control, in succession enlarge an army, meaning much home is opened to interlink inn in the whole nation, the demand of person with ability of retail industry government is so great.

Car and real-estate industry as before hot. Automobile industry pays close attention to a this year's graduates not only, need all sorts of senior talented people more, include the talented person of each link such as control of research and development, production, sale, quality. And the talented person of top class sale that real-estate industry needs high-end product very much at present, the building materials with medium at the same time industry, decorate all sorts of enterprises such as manage of inspect of project of material, real-estate, project, sale, property to be badly in need of a talent.

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