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"Hunt head " it is form of a kind of invite applications for a job only
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The personage inside course of study thinks, hunt head firm is not a particularly special industry, "Be in abroad actually, it and Internet invite applications for a job, campus invite applications for a job, advertisement invite applications for a job is same, a kind of form that is invite applications for a job only just. But at the same time, it also has certain specific characteristics, for example underground, general look for and recommend what decide a handsome appearance of Yu Zhonggao stage only etc. " at the same time, the gain circumstance of hunt head firm also has each different, "Be in abroad, if be famous degree tall global model enterprise, wait like GOOGLE, HP ' hunt ' senior management person with ability, hunt head company is average a person can close 3 million close even 100 million dollars. And be in Shenzhen, average company is annual income 3 million yuan of RMBs already perfectly. " a senior personage that is not willing to disclose a full name tells a reporter.

"In fact, the scope of whole of hunt head firm of Shenzhen is at present limited, the amount is little also, should more people develop this market. " limited company of adviser of division acute Fox's talent carries out trustee plum bright bright say. According to senior personage discloses inside course of study, in the hunt head firm with existing Shenzhen, some 4, 5 people can establish company of head of a hunt, and what company dimensions exceeds 10 people is little little. In eye of company of a lot of foreign capital, hunt head firm is a supplier, entrust an enterprise to had labelled hunt head charge self-consciously annual estimated one part. And be in Shenzhen, entrusting enterprise more is provisionality behavior. " rush about all the year round the Li Jiong between Shanghai and Shenzhen bright analysis.

According to divulging, of hunt head firm collect fees general component piece: Entrust cost, basically use pay hunt head firm to search " prey " charge of head of cost expenses, hunt, no matter head behavior finishs hunt to want collection; Deduct a percentage from a sum of money, act when head of a hunt namely after the success, hunt head firm can be pressed " prey " the first year the 20 % of yearly salary are controlled to commend a company draw-out. But also have provision of hunt head company, if " prey " it is technical title only, general a collection the 10 % less than of its yearly salary. Usually, hunt head firm receives those who commend a company oneself " hunter " after the requirement, general meeting is found in left and right sides of a month and the sieve is singled out " candidate " , but also can lengthen sometimes, if the main station of the enterprise can be lengthened sometimes,arrive half an year is longer even. (Ma Jianfang)

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