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Hunt head reserve is moved toward downstage
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Concealed of pluralistic hunt head is in-service when field first time interviews Jim, he becomes market director in orgnaization of a finance; A few days are lain between when, when contacting him the 2nd times, he already was a of orgnaization of head of a famous hunt, be in charge of hunt finance elite technically.

"How are you accomplished? "How are you accomplished??

Jim breathes out ah laugh: "Actually, before I am becoming the unit all the time ' person of hunt head line ' , now is nevertheless became the part-time job duty. Now is nevertheless became the part-time job duty..

Does hunt head also have " line person " ? The course goes around and inquire, reporter discovery, have really in ability city so a flock of people, and amount to is not little still. They have normal profession, or it is enterprise HR, or it is market staff, or it is media from personnel of course of study, common characteristic is: Hep, intercourse is extensive, smooth and slick. They are used ferial accumulate the human relation network that rise, recommend appropriate person selected to hunt head firm, once succeed, can collect the middleman's fee that does not poor.

In fact, in the west, hunt head firm lays in pluralistic hunt head to already became an usual practice, hunt head firm can build head of hunt of a part-time job to search a team commonly, set take, gather information of many qualified personnel, so that of lash-up with. Team of search of pluralistic hunt head often appears and disappear club of club of salon of all sorts of guild, senior talented person, bender, elite, student studying abroad and even orgnaization of chamber of commerce, strive the register that each field net of the most outstanding talent enters him. Next, according to the need of hunt head firm, the talent that masters in oneself undertakes permutation comparative in resource, have try to recommend with specific aim ground optionally.

Nowadays, this kind of means already was drawn lessons from by place of firm of head of hunt of a lot of home. A few bigger hunt head companies, have head of hunt of hundreds part-time job even. The reporter sees on the webpage of orgnaization of head of a famous hunt, this company regards the amount of pluralistic hunt head as a of oneself important sell a site, claim " the company has head of hunt of 100 about 200 part-time jobs, distributing 21 in the whole nation big in city, the city such as Beijing, Shanghai has nearly 50 each... "

Market competition is ecbolic " line person "

Before hunt head firm, form team of a full-time by more than 10 professional hunter mostly. "Competition of market of nowadays hunt head is more and more intense, this bit of person is far insufficient, the directest method is augment ' line person ' team. " Jim discloses.

According to international " association of adviser of senior talented person " statistic, the whole world the flow of senior talented person of 70% is finished by assistance of hunt head firm, and market of intermediary of senior talented person is in the whole world early when 2000, dimensions reached 10 billion dollar. Of market of international hunt head flourishingly situation, was in our country of high speed developing to produce immediate effect to economy. Current, china manages the hunt head firm of hunt head business formally to exceed 950, among them about 200 whole worlds cross a state hunt head firm, belong to direct or indirect ground to enter market of Chinese hunt head.
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