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Shenzhen will build talent of 50 high skill to groom this year base
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Shenzhen city will build talent of tall technical ability of 50 city level to groom inside year base, assume move of labor of country of city of 18 thousand river source to groom obtain employment task. In the meantime, the our city still made 6 big move, ensure " double move " the job goes on wheels. This is the reporter was saved from Guangdong on August 25 " double move " receive Shenzhen of labor of country of north of thing of another name for Guangdong Province to negotiate of the know on the meeting.

Drive to carry out high end, advance talent of in short supply skill to groom, solve the problem with endless and reasonable construction of grade of inadequacy of gross of talent of Shenzhen city skill, skill, shenzhen city gives aid to actively the development of school of ability of directive run by the local people, add officer of ability of two run by the local people newly first half of the year, municipality does vestibule school to develop 6; Talent of high to the 2nd batch of 29 city class skill grooms the preliminary evaluation before base undertook cognizance, whole town will build talent of tall technical ability of 50 city level to groom inside year base. Shenzhen city still strengthens duty interpose service, for the farmer labour offers free to apply for a job to serve, began clear consolidate a labour market special operation, attacked action of illegal duty interpose. Contract of whole town labor is signed rate for 94.4% , grow 2.2% compared to the same period; Contract of peasant industry labor is signed rate for 89.1% , grow 1.2% compared to the same period.

According to bureau of safeguard of Shenzhen town work concerned controller discloses, in recent years Shenzhen city industry still has gap with labour, partial low end works concentrated model after company move and rural labor are inputted, work of town of possible implementation Shenzhen is reduced with labour breach or equilibrium of supply and demand. Accordingly, begin what rural labor grooms and transfer obtain employment job to will promote quality of our city labour force to rise, alleviate the enterprise uses labour strain. Concern sectional requirement according to the province, shenzhen city assumed move of labor of country of city of 18 thousand river source to groom 2008 obtain employment task. For this, bureau of safeguard of Shenzhen town work still makes 6 big move, include to master level of rate of laborer age structure, literacy, skill, groom and obtain employment desire and this city enterprise use labor demand; Make advance outstanding peasant worker worker to go into town settle executive opinion, labour force grooms measure of base cognizance government and children of this province country impoverished family is in deep accept mechanic freely to teach executive method; The job such as appraisal of skill of the special ability assessment after organizing labor of nice rural area actively to attend double move to groom, profession, to according with conditional personnel, the nucleus sends corresponding letter, action of the member that will accord with conditional worker transfers into registered permanent residence.
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