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Shenzhen builds base 150 million yuan to groom high skill talent
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The high skill handsome appearance that Shenzhen municipal government invests build of 150 million yuan of RMBs is public groom base is enabled today, for this city education is had masterly the high-end talent team of engineering technology.

This base is the investment of governmental individual event is the largest high skill able person since Shenzhen builds city just grooms project, the high skill qualified personnel that diversification will provide to the society after investment is used serves, basically include information of evaluation of skill training, ability, technical reformation, technology communication, technology to seek advice, skill grooms achievement and profession are revealed, continue education and the research that begin high skill talent to train mode and evaluation means and change an innovation, accept a government to entrust at the same time buy high skill talent and high skill talent to develop fruit, the talent of in short supply high skill that executive government carries out grooms allowance policy and the incentive policy that make the skill handsome appearance of outstanding contribution.

This base already built a number to presswork at present, space of floor of control of automation of design of contemporary vehicle maintenance and repair, industry, industry, intelligence 5 groom greatly center, year can groom high skill talent is close 20 thousand people.

Ma Yang of director of service center of management of communal fact example says talented person of Shenzhen high skill, at present Shenzhen has talent of above of senior skilled worker to be not worth 20 thousand people, according to investigation of local labour market, still be short of left and right sides of 20 thousand people every year.

The branch awards this base related Chinese country " China (Shenzhen) high skill handsome appearance is public solid example center " and " international profession reveals a center (Shenzhen) " .