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Grind a knife not to chop Chai Gong by accident -- sale / measure of business Tr
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The enterprise is outside the program strength with had good and strategy, the most important is to have the sale group with an executive very powerful force, but the salesperson with at present the enterprise wants invite applications for a job bit better special difficult, the enterprise enrols accept not quite gladly to did not sell the personnel of experience, because foster salesperson start off to want to expend a large number of wasteful time, the company is done commonly without patience; But as the salesperson in short supply, the company must turn and beg next, invite applications for a job a few personnel that did not sell experience, the problem that this grooms to new salesperson with respect to drag in.

When enterprise of a lot of choose and employ persons is undertaking grooming to the salesperson of new elementary course, what a quite big company uses is the introduction that has culture of company product, company to new employee only, a little a bit more overall business still explains existing market situation and client case to ingoing salesperson, basically let a salesperson begin to undertake a phone visit namely next, go developing the market alone, perhaps have the period of time on old stuff belt, all businesses are main it is this kind of circumstance, we think well, such grooming useful to the salesperson of new elementary course? Is the salesperson of new elementary course pressing what is of need? ? ?

We can see, new salesperson should accept grooming should be such order logically: One, the fast changeover of state of mind. 2, the harden oneself of adversity volition. 3, the abstraction that market demand nods. 4, harden oneself of different product sale. 5, content grooms related the enterprise.

According to the logic above, we put the relevant content of the enterprise in final area, what because of salesperson of new elementary course should accept first most is the understanding of pair of whole sale processes

Serve as just introductory salesperson, need the change that is state of mind most above all, a lot of salespersons are in when entering sale industry, can feeling a gleam of is sold normally is the thing that lose face, wipe no less than face to seek a client, a lot of people have the feeling that do not know how to start after the enterprise grooms groovily, because this the first pace wants namely,have their state of mind purgatorial! Be sure to keep in mind to groom the product that inchoate moment does not want to use a firm absolutely serves as sample, the training that we can differ through a lot of kinds will achieve this kind of goal, measure also is divided it is several kinds, it is indoor pronunciation training first, if groom in indoor, let all grooming first personnel everybody rises the self introduction that has a word: "Hello, I call XXX " , according to order, everybody should stand up tell a few times, with sound clarity, face not red, sound does not quiver for the standard, do not look down upon this kind to groom, a person indoors this kind of courage that tells about a need may compare his to be outdoor it is difficult to want with other communication superior and severalfold, because the formal circumstance of interiorly is major,cowardly makes when the person is making a speech; When I am doing a sale to groom for a few enterprises, this course is the most difficult, a lot of it seems that the employee of extroversion stands up however hold back became red the face says not to come out, say this one pace is a breakthrough to the state of mind of employee so; Indoor of course pronunciation training can determine different shape according to the personnel circumstance of the enterprise; This is the first.
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