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Is the good director in employee memory what kind of?
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Will tell from administrative point of view, the director should be strong, "A flock of sheep that a lion guides " can beat easily " a flock of lions that a sheep guides " . Management fights as leading troops, regard a group as the director of cacique, very need stabilizes soldier's morale, be being held out to the group still is materially on spirit " the backbone " . Lack is strong, the group lacks morale and fight will, of a group strong be by the director of this group whether strong place decides -- hillock of shake of roars of a tiger, lion growl 100 animal Jing! This kind of strong need repairs refine, need to accumulate, need bottom is angry, strong certainly will has its strong sth used to one's own advantage. Personally, gas, heart, justice mixing just (reduce " 5 " ) " 5 " strong director, can let employee be sincerely convinced.

"5 " medium body -- executive example. The director's words and deeds is affecting his in memory of affiliated to a ministry strong weak still force, alleged " its body, do not make and go; Its body is frame-up, although make not from. " a body director, it is pair of him requirements certainly most martinet! He wants lead one's men in an act to make model, consistent make model. A travel is becoming the officer of disturbance, powerful appeal force and cohesive affinity can be enjoyed in employee, such director heads a group, meeting strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, in step, executive force is powerful, alleged there are no poor soldiers under a good general.

"5 " medium gas -- position is firm. This kind of gas is awe-inspiring righteousness, "Its are gas also, come greatly firm, harmless with be being raised continuously, fill in between Wu Tian ground. " this kind is angry, extreme huge, the extreme has power, go fostering it with integrity and do not try to harm, can be full of heaven and earth between. Body the enterprise is medium now, the culture that sees director dominant namely is oriented. Those who be in charge of dominant is the mainstream culture or inferior culture, be healthy and aspirant culture or inactive and disappointing culture? What the director of awe-inspiring righteousness takes is the group of awe-inspiring righteousness surely, what stuff is willing to follow also is the director of awe-inspiring righteousness.

"5 " medium heart -- there is the light in the heart. Explicit heart decides by internal ability institute just about -- " substance style knows to come after that, know to come after that meaning sincere, meaning sincere after that heart " . The ability after the understanding that passes pair of all things everythings on earth namely, research gains knowledge; Ability of the idea after gaining knowledge is genuine; Ability of the idea after idea is genuine is decorous. This kind " heart " = is in charge of " heart bright " , expression gives priority to dispute of differentiate of Guan Nengming logic, handle affairs by basic objective law, there is the bright lamp of a how-to group forever in the heart. Every employee hopes the director that has global consciousness, take a broad and long-term view offers him the guidance with business or job, can follow to the director grows ceaselessly and rise.
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