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The enterprise grooms into duty current situation analysis
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Of employee groom into duty a lot of enterprises are being done, a lot of enterprises also begin to take what groom into duty seriously to be versed in to joining a staff member newly " the first impression " educational opportunity, right in the first feeling of new employee of morality of system of rules of company culture, company, profession, formal standard groom it may be said is particularly deep, however a lot of companies often ignore this precious the first impression, groomed organizer basically is the task that finish and of not heavy result deal with finish sth, its effect cans be imagined, in a few enterprises and employee eye, entering duty to groom basically is " a manual, 2 hours, one piece coils " of type " make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth " , "Cost time " , investigate its reason, summary has the following:

One, into duty the ambiguous education law of personnel of the HR in grooming lets new employee feel do not wear brains.

What law of so called ambiguous education points to is what to was like to be told, whats were told actually. Of drag in many people to do sth groom into duty come down, the effects of new employee is very small, ask about a reason, the organizer says: Installed what I should tell? of Huan provide for to be told, photograph inside Shanghaiguan allowed me to also be told! They do not know I also do not have method. " new employee says: I what? of  of Xie Ji of Nai of case manganese  should write down was written down, but I besides when to go to work, when to rest, when to send salary besides, of other seem not to remember! Does the problem lie after all? I believe a lot of companies groom into duty the brilliant history that spent a large number of time to speak of a company certainly, the foreground of the company is looked into, of some company leader brilliant and decision-making, actually new employee thinks this and they concern is not not big, the clear demand with the person that be groomed not conform to, generation information does not suffer numerous or asymmetry. Again criterion, some letter stuff come the company is met and former company look is compared, ask whether the company has this at present or that welfare is waited a moment, groom personnel cannot clarity gives what solve or do not have skill to so that give new employee talk in a roundabout way,be solved.

2, groom into duty time is shorter be just as like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply.

Controlling modelling company, the company with a lot of not comprehensive plans exists 3 urgent: The plan is urgent, action person is urgent, mount guard is urgent. Drive time, drive hand in period became Chongzhongzhi to weigh, still be inferior to with the time that will groom multi-purpose will do the mind that makes a product to bring about duty to groom is like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply merely, want a flower on a few days to go to those who do cycle more for long perhaps grooming into duty, branch of choose and employ persons thinks directly can need not, it is to feel the edge does an edge to groom even, in the end does not reach the designated position by Yu Peixun, interior management is not perfect, new employee gets psychological adaptability to differ those who bring about employee is short-term inside leave his post quickly. If HR holds to groom into duty do, so branch of choose and employ persons can be produced with incur loss through delay, the old hat that who carries responsibility presses a top. Final HR grooms the organizer is flat the sweet potato that does not go touching this very hot hand, make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth is good, both sides is with mixing expensive, little imagine, trap is from the back, because did not make groomed label good,can wearing employee to leave one's post again is!
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