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Whether can vocational training promote obtain employment force
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In obtain employment situation austere with each passing day today, to can promote oneself obtain employment force, a lot of to apply for a job person make through attending vocational training oneself master more skill, make oneself have definite advantage in process of to apply for a job thereby. Face today all sorts of vocational training, to apply for a job person the attitude that also should have oneself and rational choice.

Case one:

Nuncupative: Xiaochang, record of formal schooling of university undergraduate course

I accept what landed company gives me to groom when estate, be in a bank to go to work is to experience finance to groom, turn to arrive all right now in insurance company, still accepting vocational training. Accepted so much vocational training, I feel or can acquire certain work skill, special suit at the job incorrect mouth and the need that changes post crowd temporarily, resemble me such.

Case 2:

Nuncupative: Zhang Ming, high school record of formal schooling

The to apply for a job of low record of formal schooling that I am a model person, plainspoken if did not join proficiency in a particular line of vocational training study, I find the job very hard really. I still am attending actively to groom relevantly with own job now, the hope can promote his competition ability, also can do good own job better. I feel a lot of enterprises take the vocational training of employee seriously very much now, the enterprise grooms the enterprise now the powerful chip that regards as competition, many enterprises have what he become independent to groom master.

Case 3:

Nuncupative: Li Meng, graduate student record of formal schooling

Say to vocational training I have a result most, although my record of formal schooling does not calculate low, but always feel to be free from anxiety not quite in the heart after the job, then I attend vocational training, certificate also was taken fold greatly, but hold instead occasionally forbid oneself the profession henceforth develops prospect. What I feel to want to get integrated quality is effective groom, still need to be able to rise in labor practice.

Which kinds of person most approbate duty field to groom

Person of field of more than 6000 duty is in the near future two vocational training of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job and investigation of obtain employment force were participated in inside week, investigation shows, no matter whether had participated in vocational training personally, have more than most probably duty field person thinks vocational training has certain stimulative effect to obtain employment. photograph comparing, the action period that the person that had not joined vocational training can have to vocational training hopes the value is relative taller, near 9 into the duty field person that had not joined vocational training subjective the stimulative function with think vocational training will arise to obtain employment particular. In participating in groomed crowd, female photograph is righter to vocational training than the male the stimulative degree of belief of obtain employment is taller, exceeded 90% .
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