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Without firewood drive
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Respecting drive, a lot of people can think of " pay " and " bonus " , these are admittedly important, but as controller, still must master other incentive methods, especially those are not had " firewood " incentive, can reflect a controller leadership and business management level more.

Once a week the communication inside company limits

The sale status that lets employee know company this a week, important trade, management outstanding achievement and major item, this can make employee understands the situation of the company in time, those heart-stirring contracts, outstanding achievement, character and incident can be encouraged greatly and upset employee especially, arouse honorary feeling of everybody and attributive feeling.

The proposal is OK by general manager office or president office undertakes an announcement with the name of general manager, if be large and medium-sized enterprise, can adopt the form of local area network or EMAIL, if be small business, can go up to undertake communicating with respect to afore-mentioned problems in weekly regular meeting.

It is early 20 years ago, the company begins Disney execute the employee inside company limits to coordinate the meeting, hold every months, company administrator and employee discuss the issue that each other care frankly and sincerely together, it is very sharp issue even, must make immediately by high-level controller solve. Employee coordinates the two-way opinion that the conference is a standard to communicate a system, although some are complex, but can be however inside short time the communication of controller of promotional high level and employee, solve a few thorny problems, increase the authority of high-level controller, the satisfaction of the diaphaneity that can improve management greatly and employee is spent, to controller, it is an enormous challenge.

Once a week fluctuation class is communicated

Once a week communicate the problem that can in time discover the job is medium not only, and the feeling of OK and promotional both sides and relation. Communicate be not " monodrama " , however " intercourse dance " , need both sides cooperates closely. Ask to be in charge of on one hand can be good at teaching, let employee open heart door leaf, communicative job counteracts the problem on the thought and proposal, on the other hand, also ask employee can frank and sincere, speak out freely.

Many managers are not good at communicate or disdaining to communicate, in can solving a lot of jobs effectively not only with seasonable communication actually, mix existently potential problem, the job that can arouse employee more is enthusiastic, form harmonious group. A lot of transnational corporation take enterprise interior seriously to fluctuate very much between class communicate. Be in Motorola company, every quarter wants 1 day of the first month to have the conversation that develops about the profession with his subordinate to cadre of 21 days of middle-level, answer " you are in was respected in the past in 3 months " 6 problems of and so on. This kind of dialog is man-to-man and at any time and place. The controller of Motorola people for each lower by controller people returned provision to give 11 this kind " Open Door " type expression opinion and abreact the approach that curb blames, include general manager letter box among them, inside print, local area network, hotline.
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